The Safe Havens Series by Sandy James-Review and Giveaway

The Safe Havens Series by Sandy James-Review and Giveaway

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The Safe Havens Series
by Sandy James

Saving Grace


SAVING GRACE (Safe Havens #1) by Sandy James

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 1, 2013

Grace Riley is on the run—from her past and from her fears. The victim of a violent rape at the hands of a rich politician’s son, she must “disappear” to escape his constant attempts to recapture her. Moving from cattle drive to cattle drive as a cook, she avoids her tormentor for nearly twenty years. When she discovers that the brother she gave up for adoption after their mother died in childbirth was orphaned at an early age, she is frantic to verify that he’s safe. She tracks him to a cattle ranch in Montana.

Widower Adam Morgan owns the Twin Springs ranch, but finds himself falling into a life of loneliness. Although he enjoys spending time with his grown daughter and the two men he rescued when they were living on the streets, he longs to meet a woman he can love. Living in the Montana territory where men greatly outnumber women makes finding a new wife difficult. Weary of working cattle, he is ready to make some changes in his life.

Grace falls ill on her journey, but she manages to make it to the Twin Springs ranch where her brother is supposed to be living. Adam takes her in, concerned for her health and the reason she’s searching for one of his adopted sons. Their chemistry is immediate and intense, but can Grace heal from her past of pain and fear? When her secrets are finally revealed, can Adam forgive her deceptions and learn to love again?


REVIEW: SAVING GRACE is the first instalment in Sandy James’s historical western, romance Safe Havens series. The series focuses on a tight knit group of friends and family from Montana in and around the 1880’s. There are two love stories building throughout Saving Grace: Grace Riley and Adam Morgan’s story; Matthew Riley (Grace’s brother) and Victoria Morgan (Adam’s daughter).

The premise follows Grace as she searches for her ‘brother’ Jake- given up for adoption twenty years earlier. Believing she has finally found the clues to her missing sibling, Grace runs into trouble when her past stops at nothing to keep Grace from running away. When Grace finds herself at the Twin Springs ranch where years earlier Jake had found a home, she will come face to face with her future and the man she would grow to love.

Adam Morgan is the personification of the perfect husband and mate. He is supportive, protective and although he knows the woman with whom he has fallen in love keeps buried a secret that results in numerous nightmares, Adam allows Grace the time to recover and more forward. But not too much time because Grace is being stalked and the man is obsessed with the woman he cannot have.

The second storyline focuses on Adam’s daughter Victoria and Grace’s brother Matthew-their relationship is a little more angst ridden as Matthew pushes all of Victoria’s proverbial feminist buttons. For a woman from the 1800s Victoria is an independent female who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, wear pants or get her hands dirty rustling up a few new horses for the farm. Their relationship is a bit more volatile as Matthew keeps pulling away with each encounter.

SAVING GRACE is a story of pure romance where one woman’s past can never be forgotten. From a rape at fourteen years of age to finally finding that special someone in her life, SAVING GRACE blends betrayal with heartache; truth with lies; moving on and letting go. Sandy James writes a sweet storyline of finding love and a happily ever after.

Copy supplied by the author.


RunawayRUNAWAY (Safe Havens #2) by Sandy James / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 2013

Forced to flee her abusive fiancé, Cassandra Shay’s disappearance into Montana territory is delayed when she discovers her fiancé and uncle’s plot to murder her illegitimate brother and another innocent cowboy.

Ty Bishop hates the Shays, but accompanies Jake Curtis to meet Jake’s newfound uncle, Derrick Shay. Ty’s suspicions are confirmed when he and Jake are imprisoned and left to drown. After Cassie frees them, the men travel with her for her own protection.

When they arrive in Montana, the locals are horrified to discover a Shay in their midst, but Ty is drawn to Cassie like no other and is determined to win her heart. Despite her strong attraction to Ty, Cassie knows she must keep her distance to protect him from the hired guns the Shays send to retrieve her.

But their love will not be denied, and they must fight for justice before forging their future together.


REVIEW: RUNAWAY is the second instalment in Sandy James’s historical western, romance Safe Havens series focusing on a group of friends and family in Montana. This is Cassie Shay and Ty Bishop’s story –one that advances the series approximately three to four years.

The premise follows Cassie as she uncovers a plot to murder Ty and his best friend Jake Curtis. Jake is the son of Grace Morgan and has been invited to meet his extended Shay family on the west coast. When Jake and Ty encounter a life or death situation, it will be a young twenty year old woman-Cassie Shay-who rescues the pair from their untimely demise. Cassie is a woman on the run but Ty will ensure that the only place she runs to will be to Montana –with him.

Ty’s attraction to Cassie is immediate although they are from different backgrounds, different class and different education. As they make their way across country, Ty begins to fall for the feisty Cassie Shay but getting his family and friends back home to accept her will be another problem-all together. Cassie comes from one of the most hated families and no one is willing to open their arms a woman whose family has threatened everyone they love.

Sandy James pulls the reader into a romantic storyline about two people from different walks of life-Ty believes he is not worthy of Cassie’s love and affection and, Cassie believes that she has placed everyone in danger with her presence and connection to the Shay family.

RUNAWAY is a story of heartbreak and betrayal; family and friends; love and letting go. Many of the previous storyline characters play secondary roles as well as the introduction of the next story hero-Caleb Young.

If you like a romantic storyline about a hard working cowboy and a strong willed heroine then RUNAWAY is the perfect read for a lazy afternoon.

Copy supplied by the author.


RedeemedREDEEMED (Safe Havens #3) by Sandy James / / Barnes and Noble /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 10, 2014

Sold into prostitution, Sara Fuller robs a client and flees to her brother in White Pines, Montana.

Anxiously awaiting his mail order bride, rancher Caleb Young is delighted when a beautiful woman steps off the stagecoach. A series of misassumptions soon finds the two taking their marriage vows.

When Sara discovers she isn’t Caleb’s intended bride, she hides her scandalous past and sets out to prove she can be a good wife. Caleb adores Sara but suspects her of hiding something very important. Despite Sara’s secrets, their love grows and a child is conceived.

When Caleb’s real bride arrives, their troubles begin, only to be compounded by the appearance of the man Sara robbed. Now the two lovers must discover whether their love is strong enough to survive the forces threatening to tear them apart.


REVIEW: REDEEMED is the third instalment in Sandy James’s historical western, romance Safe Havens series set in the 1880’s countryside of Montana. This is Sara and Caleb’s story. Sara is Ty Bishop’s sister and Caleb is Gideon’s brother –who were both introduced in book two Runaway. Sara is on the run and heads to Montana where she is hoping to find refuge with her brother but finds love and a future with a stranger who believes she is his mail order bride. The novel advances the series approximately one year.

The storyline focuses on Caleb and Sara’s building relationship as well as Sara’s struggle to keep the secrets about her past-in the past. Her history as a ‘whore’ runs too close to a Caleb’s own family secret and when the truth is revealed Caleb leaves his young wife alone to struggle with tending the farm and a new born baby. He is a man who believes he has been manipulated and betrayed but not once did he ever consider the circumstances of Sara’s past. Caleb’s selfishness puts his young bride’s health at risk as she is determined to keep the farm running without anyone’s help.

The relationship between Caleb and Sara is quick to build; a quick marriage and acceptance but not once did we feel the love between the couple until it was too late. Caleb is a man who believes his new wife to be an innocent and Sara is a woman who knows that once the truth is revealed, she will lose everything including the man with whom she has fallen in love.

I did have one small concern and it seems to have prevailed from storyline to storyline-this is a small town where everyone is willing to help out those in need; newcomers etc but once they discover the secrets; the past or the truth, these people are quick to judge, take offense and push away. Not quite neighborly when things turn bad.

Most of the previous storyline characters are present including Caleb’s brother Gideon; Ty and Cassie; Grace and Adam. The story is well paced, easy to follow and introduces the next potential single male looking for love.

Sandy James has written an enjoyable, romantic series where one storyline flows into the next. With the inclusion of previous storyline characters, there is a familiar feel to the time, the place and the people. Although each book can be read as a stand-alone I would recommend reading in order.

Copy supplied by the author

Reviewed by Sandy

About The Author Black and Blue

Sandy JamesFollow Sandy at :  Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Facebook

My income tax return says that I am a teacher. I had originally intended it to say “lawyer,” but romance, marriage, and motherhood set my life on a different course.

I’ve been married to Jeff James since 1983. Even after all these years, he is still the love of my life. Jeff and I have two grown children who make us proud every day.

My husband and I share another strong and wonderful interest that is not only a great part of our day-to-day lives but has also become a running theme throughout some of my books. We own a small racing stable of Standardbred Harness horses, pacers to be exact. We have always loved the sport and as our children grew up enough to have their own interests, Jeff looked into what it would be like to own a racehorse. We jumped into the sport with both feet and are loving every minute of it.

As another bit of personal information, I’d like to share that several years ago I was diagnosed with lupus. I know that there are others out there who either have had the same diagnosis or know someone who has. I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you all that chronic illnesses do not have to keep you down and out of the swing of life. I still teach, still work with my horses, have a wonderful family life, and am still able to spend hours at my laptop writing on my latest book.

I am blessed to be leading a life full of the things I like to do and people I love.


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