THE STOLEN CHALICE (John Sinclair Mystery #2) by Kitty Pilgrim

THE STOLEN CHALICE (John Sinclair Mystery #2) by Kitty Pilgrim

THE STOLEN CHALICE (John Sinclair Mystery 2) by Kitty Pilgrim

THE STOLEN CHALICE by Kitty Pilgrim is the second storyline in author Kitty Pilgrim’s John Sinclair Mystery series. Kitty Pilgrim worked as a CNN correspondent and news anchor for over 24 years and applies her vast knowledge from around the globe to ensure her storylines are tantalizing and rich in description narration. A fictional series brought to life using political intrigue, espionage, terrorism, mystery, bio-warfare and a little romance, The Stolen Chalice is a thrilling and fantastic story that could very well have been taken from some of today’s headlines.

Second in the series, The Stolen Chalice takes place several months after The Explorer’s Code. Archeologist John Sinclair and his partner Cordelia Stapleton, an oceanographer, return in the second instalment to face terrorists, bomb threats, biological warfare and the realization that you can never escape your past. Stemming from a major art theft at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the couple are pulled into a world of billionaire art collectors, Egyptian mummies, unfaithful spouses, unrequited love and a threat to 12 of the most influential political heads of state including the President of the United States.

Kitty takes the reader to destinations around the globe from New York to London, Scotland to Venice Italy, the open waters of the sea and the arid plains of Egypt. Along the way John and Cordelia’s relationship will face the ultimate test when someone from John’s past is brought in to help with the investigation about a missing sarcophagus and a thousands year old mummy. But the missing mummy is only the tip of the ‘proverbial iceberg’ art collector’s war. There are several storylines throughout the novel that will coalesce in a finale that will build on our ultimate fear in bio-terrorism. The theft of the mysterious Sardonyx Cup and its’ fabled powers to heal will force one collector to open his eyes and realize that the cost of the Chalice is worth nothing in comparison to the cost of a life.

THE STOLEN CHALICE is a well-written and amazing novel from the mind of Kitty Pilgrim. The reader is pulled into an adventure that crosses the globe into a vast array of geographical timelines and memorable landmarks and cities. The book is a fascinating look into the lives and loves of the uber-rich and the well connected. Biological warfare is brought to the forefront in a storyline that makes you think-what if and the power struggles for control from the mind of a mad man will have you sitting up and wondering if the world has already met this man at some point in the last 50 years. I encourage everyone to get a copy and let your minds drift in an adventure that will have you thinking.

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1. The Explorer’s Code
2. The Stolen Chalice

Reviewed by Sandy


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  2. Sandy, wow what a thought provoking review. Looking forward to reading this series. We have a possible love traingle, threat to world peace, possible assasination, beautiful lanscapes and a life of luxury. What more could a girl want? I’ll take two fingers of 18 yrs. old Scotch in a beautiful Waterford Crystal Tumbler while I read.

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