The Throne of Glass YA Novella series by Sarah J Maas


ASSASSIN AND THE PIRATE LORD (YA novella #1) by Sarah J Maas

ASSASSIN AND THE PIRATE LORD (Jan 13, 2012) is the first novella of four, introducing Celaena Sardothien, a 16year old trained assassin and member of the elite Assassin’s Guild. Sarah J Maas, by way of some earlier novellas guides the reader through the early adventures of Celaena leading to her new YA fantasy novel Throne of Glass in August 2012.

Celaena found it difficult to learn that fellow Guild Assassin and second to Arobynn Hamel -Ben was missing and presumed dead. But when his death was confirmed as well as the death of 3 other members, Celaena and Sam Cortland are sent on a mission to Skull’s Bay (by Arobynn Hamel-King of the Assassins) to retrieve some merchandise from the Pirate Lord. But the merchandise was not what they expected and neither was the mission. To add to their troubles, Celaena must keep her identity a secret and therefore is required to wear protective cloak and mask at all times. As the only 16year old female assassin, Celaena knows she would be targeted if her identity were ever to be known.

Sam and Celaena have trained together most of their lives, but when the cargo they were seeking forces the pair to make a life and death decision, it is Celaena’s reaction that surprises both herself and Sam. Failing the assignment would bring punishment upon their return home.

Assassin and The Pirate Lord is a quick read. The story introduces a few of the characters as well as builds a base for the upcoming YA series. 4 short stories leading to a full-length novel that will be released later this summer, the Throne of Glass novellas are a necessary read allowing the reader a glimpse into the personality and premise of a new YA series.

THE ASSASSIN AND THE DESERT (YA novella #2) by Sarah J Maas

The second novella The Assassin and the Desert (March  30, 2012) in the Throne of Glass series finds 17year old Celaena Sardothien-Adarlan’s greatest assassin severely punished and sent to train with the Silent Assassins in the Red Desert. For defying the King of the Assassins, Celaena is ordered to earn the trust and respect of the Mute Master before returning to Adarlan. But her hopes of an audience with the Mute Master soon vanish when she is forced to undergo the training regimen of the other Silent Assassins. When Celaena catches the eye of the Master’s son, she is suddenly saddened by the memory of her best friend Sam. Not knowing what ever happened to Sam eats away at Celaen’s conscience.

Celaena finds a friend and roommate in Ansel. A young woman with a few secrets of her own, Ansel helps guide Celaena on their daily duties and introduces Celaena to some of the others.

Lord Berik is the cruel and abusive ruler of Xandria. Berik’s men routinely attack the hall of the Silent Assassin, but following the latest attack, Ansel is ordered to seek out the Lord to discuss a form of cease-fire. But Ansel has other plans that do not include a friendly form of peace. When Celaena finds herself drugged and abandoned in the Red Desert, she knows that Ansel’s true intentions were never to protect the Master, but to bring his head to the Lord. Betrayal and death at the hand of a friend, force Celaena to make some decisions that could affect her career as an Assassin.

The Assassin and the Desert continues to tell the story of Celaena as she traverses the pitfalls and traps in her life as an assassin. Building on the premise of her upcoming storyline, Sarah J Maas once again introduces a cast of characters that we will assuredly meet in the new YA release of Throne of Glass.


THE ASSASSIN AND THE UNDERWORLD (May 1, 2012) is novella #3 in the Throne of Glass novella series by Sarah J Maas. Celaena has returned from her summer training with the Mute Assassins of the Red Desert not knowing what to expect from Arobynn. The last time she saw the King of the Assassins, he had brutally beaten her for disobedience, and her and Sam’s interference in a slave trade deal. But returning to the home she has always known would be an enlightening experience and one that she would never forget.

But things had changed. Arobynn welcomed Celaena home with apologies and gifts-something that was completely out of character. Although Celaena was reluctant to accept the gifts as a form of apology, she knew that not to accept could anger Arobynn. And Sam had changed as well and an unknown disappointment surfaced when she realized that perhaps Sam no longer cared. But looks can be deceiving especially when one is always watched. Sam too had suffered for his disobedience, and the thought of losing Celaena, was difficult knowing, he could not protect the most important person in his life.

When Arobynn enlists Celaena’s skills as one of the foremost Assassins, she is more than willing to accept the deal. Hoping to put an end to the slave trade, Celaena is given the directive to assassinate a powerful man ‘involved ‘ in the matter of the slaves. But once again, not is all that it seems. Although Celaena is concerned about the mission, she dismisses her feelings and puts all of her efforts into taking out the man she has been ordered to kill. But when the truth is finally revealed, many will have died at the hands of the young assassin and the one person to whom she owed much, will be the one person to whom she will vow vengeance. The Assassin and the Empire (Novella 4) has yet to be released.

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    • These are the novellas leading up to the book release in August. Basically a teaser..but in 4 novellas….the interesting part for me …is where is novella #4….????

      where some authors… prequels…after the fact….Sarah has developed her storyline and background through these novellas.

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