The Way of the Warrior Anthology (Wounded Warrior Project)-Review and Book Tour

 THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR Anthology-Review and Book Tour

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Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

To honor and empower those who’ve served, all author and publisher proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2002 and provides a wide range of programs and services to veterans and service members who have survived physical or mental injury during their brave service to our nation. Get involved or register for programs and benefits for yourself and your family online at:


THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR is a collection of eight military themed novellas focusing on different branches of the armed service. Several of the storylines look at recovery and moving forward; second skill options after leaving the service; and taking up causes in support of fellow warriors.A couple storylines introduce new series, while others focus on existing series and continuing characters.  Each storyline ends with a happily ever after; all but Home Fire Inferno have some sexual content and language although none of the storylines focus on the erotic.

All the author and publisher proceeds from the sale of WAY OF THE WARRIOR will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. For a few dollars, it is a worthy cause.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 5, 2015

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HOT AS HELL (Deep Six .5) by Julie Ann Walker

HOT AS HELL is the introductory novella to Julie Ann Walker’s new, contemporary DEEP SIX military, romance series focusing on six former Navy SEALs. This is secretary to the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Harper Searcy, and Navy SEAL Michael ‘Mad Dog’ Wainwright’s storyline.

After an attack on the American Embassy in Pakistan, our heroine finds herself locked in a panic room with the hope that her friend and former one-night stand Michael Wainwright understood the urgency of her last phone call. As Michael’s team work with military precision to free up the hostages, Harper and Michael will reconnect with one another behind locked doors. The $ex scene is hot and urgent.

The prior relationship between our couple has already been established but Harper’s reluctance to move forward stems from a family history of broken hearts and painful reunions.

HOT AS HELL introduces Michael’s team of Navy SEALS, their last mission, and a glimpse into the future as our heroes return to civilian life in Florida, hoping to take over a marine salvage business with a new direction and the hope of a new love.


IN PLAIN SIGHT (Elite Force 4.5) by Catherine Mann

IN PLAIN SIGHT is the latest novella in Catherine Mann’s adult, contemporary ELITE FORCE military romance series focusing on a squadron of celebrated Air force pararescue jumpers or PJs. This is former nurse and freelance writer Stacy Currie, and Tech Sargeant and former pararescue medic Gavin Novak’s second chance storyline.

It has been over ten years since Stacy pushed Gavin out of her life when she was unwilling to follow Gavin’s career in the military. In the ensuing time, Stacy married and divorced her abusive ex husband, who is currently stalking our heroine with the threat to end her life. Enter Gavin Novak, Stacy’s first love and a man whose entire life has changed since entering the military. When Stacy’s ex husband’s threats become real, Gavin calls in a favor from his former pararescue teammates.

IN PLAIN SIGHT is another quick and suspense filled read that reintroduces the reader to Liam and Rachel (Under Fire #3) and Hugh Franco (Hot Zone #2) when Gavin calls in his former teammates to aid in the take down of Stacy’s ex husband. Gavin and Stacy will reunite and make plans for a permanent future-together.


TORN (Protect and Serve .5) by Kate SeRine

TORN is the introductory novella in Kate SeRine’s adult, contemporary, Protect and Serve military romance series. This is deputy sheriff and former soldier Joe Dawson and high school English teacher Sadie Keaton’s storyline-a friends to lovers romance.

TORN follows Joe Dawson’s re-integration into civilian life eighteen months after an IED blast in Afghanistan destroyed his life and his career. The one bright spot was his childhood friend Sadie- a woman who calls to Joe’s heart and soul. But Sadie has a stalker and in this Joe is determined to ferret out the person responsible for the sadistic and threatening ‘gifts’ sent to Sadie.

Katie introduces the reader to the Dawson family; Sheriff Mac Dawson and his sons-Joe, Kyle and Tom-sheriff’s deputies and an FBI agent. After contacting the author I was informed that the series will focus on the Dawson males and the women they love. The next installment will be STOP AT NOTHING releasing November 2015.


WAR GAMES (Endgame Ops) by Lea Griffith

WAR GAMES is the introductory novella to Lea Griffith’s adult, contemporary Endgame Ops military romance series. This is military prisoner and Delta Force Sergeant Anthony ‘Rook’ Granger and CIA agent and cyber specialist Olivia ‘Vivi’ Bentwood’s storyline.

Rook is a military prisoner in Leavenworth -accused of killing his entire Delta Force unit in Mogadishu, Somalia- and Vivi is the CIA agent determined to prove his innocence. Vivi’s brother Michael was a member of Rook’s unit, and with his dying breath told Vivi that Rook had been framed for the death of their friends.

ENDGAMES is the introduction to a new series focusing on a secret military unit known as Endgames Op whose direction is to take down the people responsible for illegal military activities.



BEAUTY AND THE MARINE is the latest novella in Tina Wainscott’s Justiss Alliance series focusing on former Marine Griff Tate, and model and photographer Kristy Marsden. Kristy has a stalker and has hired the private security agency Justiss Alliance where Griff Tate is their newest operative. Justiss Alliance is owned by Chase Justiss, whose team consists of former Navy SEALs and special ops. As the Justiss Alliance team prepare to film a ‘reality show’ at the Mud’N’Hunt belonging to Griff’s Uncle, in the hopes of hooking in the stalker, Kristy and Griff dance around one another both on and off camera.

The reader is reintroduced to Addie and Mollie; J-men Risk, Julian, and owner and CEO Chase Justiss. Griff is a man whose physical scars have left emotional wounds; Kristy is the woman who sees past the mask, into Griff’s heart and soul. BEAUTY AND THE MARINE is a story of insta-love; a spin on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, wherein, Beauty has some scars of her own.


NSDQ (Night Stalkers ) by ML Buchman

NSDQ (Night Stalkers Don’t Quit) is the latest novella in ML Buchaman’s contemporary, adult Night Stalkers military romance series focusing on a group of specially trained military personnel from the U.S. Army secret helicopter regiment the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment). NSDQ is US Army Captain and Blackhawk helicopter pilot Lois Lang (CSAR-Combat Search and Rescue) and helicopter engineer Kendall Clarke’s storyline.

NSDS focuses on Blackhawk helicopter pilot Lois Lang’s recovery following a mission that went horribly wrong. As a member of the CSAR team, Lois was deployed on a search and rescue mission wherein she and the entire crew survived an attack but landed Lois in the hospital with a missing leg and a lack of direction. Enter Kendall Clarke-Lois’s friend and the man who would give Lois a promise of the future.

NSDQ is a friends to lovers storyline that focuses on recovery and moving forward. ML Buchman’s characters are passionate, charismatic and real; his colorful voice and text pulls you into the storyline where you will experience the adventures and missions of the 160th SOAR.



REVIEW: SEALED WITH PASSION is the latest adult, contemporary, military romance novella from Anne Elizabeth’s West Coast Navy SEALs series that focuses on Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Jonah Melo, and Interior Decorator Alisha Winters- a second chance storyline about two people who had a one-night stand five years earlier.

Jonah Melo is on leave and headed towards his best friends place to help with the construction of their Wounded Warrior Project home. What Jonah never expected to find was the woman who has consumed his thoughts for five years-Alisha Winters-and the woman who called to his heart.

SEALED WITH PASSION is a very quick read; a story of second chances and insta-love between two people who never forgot their one night together. Memories, forgiveness and plans for the future wrap up Anne Elizabeth’s latest SEAL storyline.


HOME FIRE INFERNO by Suzanne Brockman

HOME FIRE INFERNO is a novella from Suzanne Brockman’s TROUBLESHOOTER series that takes place after the events of BREAKING THE RULES (Book 16). The storyline focuses on an ensemble cast of characters including eight month pregnant Jennilyn and her Navy SEAL husband Danny Gillman. Jenni is about to go into labor as Danny heads out on his latest assignment.

Suzanne Brockman brings together many of her TROUBLESHOOTER series heroes, couples and characters in a storyline where the next generation of family comes into the world. As I am not familiar with Suzanne’s Troubleshooter series, the copious number of characters was a little disconcerting; I had some difficulty keeping the characters and connections aligned. If you are a fan of Brockman’s series, HOME FIRE INFERNO is a sweet storyline about friendship and love.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy

Guest post

Is your hero based on anyone in real life?

Suzanne Brockmann: “Is the hero of Home Fire Inferno, Izzy Zanella, based on a real Navy SEAL?” is one of my readers’ most frequently asked questions! If only he were! Relatively early in my ongoing Troubleshooters series, I created Izzy and his personality conflict (ahem, that’s the polite way of saying it!) with Dan Gillman. My goal was to show readers that SEALs don’t have to like their teammates in order to respect and work together.

I’m fascinated by the intensely tight SEAL team dynamic, so you’ll rarely ever find just one SEAL in my books! It’s way more entertaining (for me, at least!) to watch my guys interacting. And, true to form, Izzy’s not the only hero in Home Fire Inferno. Readers will also get to spend time with Navy SEALs Dan Gillman (Several books ago, Izzy married Dan’s sister Eden, so the two frenemies are now brothers-in-law!) and Hospital Corpsman Jay Lopez. I’ve also given readers a little quality time with SEAL Team Sixteen’s Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok as he deftly helps handle a crisis while the Team is overseas!

Follow Suzanne Brockmann: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


Julie Ann Walker: Like most writers, there’s a little bit of a lot of people I know in each character I write. For Hot as Hell, Michael “Mad Dog” Wainwright, I liked the idea of man who was full of contradictions. So I modeled him after folks in my life whom I consider polar opposites. For instance, Michael can be as tough as nails or as tender as a teddy bear. He likes snappy pop songs and the sound of his M4 assault rifle on full auto. I like dynamic characters and Michael is certainly that. Not one man, but many men rolled into one. Makes for a really fun writing and reading experience!

Follow Julie Ann Walker: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


Catherine Mann: All of my military heroes and heroines start with a spark of inspiration from some experience. And then the character takes on a life of his or her own. As I plotted In Plain Sight for WAY OF THE WARRIOR, the service dog aspect for the hero – Gavin – spoke to me. I am a founding member of the Sunshine State Animal Rescue, Inc. and a segment of our rescue is devoted to identifying shelter dogs with the potential to be working dogs, and then connect them with people in need and a trainer. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey seeing these animals and their handlers shine.

Follow Catherine Mann: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


Tina Wainscott: Griff Tate from Beauty and the Marine came to me as a fully-formed character. I knew his soul, his inner and outer scars, and his pain. I’m sure he was inspired, in part, by my nephew, RJ Newton, who felt a burning desire to join the Marines-and who lost his life serving his country. But I needed to experience what our service men and women go through when they are severely burned, so I found a fantastic organization that helps them heal:

Click OPERATION MEND for details.

On UCLA’s Operation Mend’s site are the video stories of these brave and battered soldiers, their struggles and their triumphs. Through them, I enriched Griff’s character. And like many of the more fortunate soldiers, Griff had a strong family to support him in his healing. But what he needed was the love of a woman who could see past his scars, both inner and outer, to his loyal, brave, and wounded heart. To help him feel like a man in that most intimate, core way. And so Beauty and the Marine becomes a story of self-love and romantic love as two wounded people find their way to each other.

Follow Tina Wainscott: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


Anne Elizabeth: The hero and heroine in SEALed With Passion are inspired by many disabled veterans who are a part of our world. Both my husband and I wanted to share how precious it is…to give of yourself…in whatever way possible to help others. By centering the story around a housing project, the hero and heroine are able to find various ways to interact and give beyond their own needs. A greater goal will often unite people, and once that happens…passion often follows.

Follow Anne Elizabeth: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


M.L. Buchman: Captain Lois Lang, the heroine of NSDQ, is a composite of a hundred stories. I started writing military romantic suspense due to reading the stories and memoirs of homecoming vets. The more I read, the more I became fascinated. Lois Lang of the U.S. Army’s 160th SOAR Night Stalkers ultimately came from an article about artificial feet designed for Dale Beatty. He was a CNN “Top 10 Hero of 2013.” A double-amputee who had dedicated his life to (re)building homes for other vets. His energy and his courage to stand up again and face his life on changed terms, that was truly inspiring.

Follow M.L.Buchman: Website/Facebook/Twitter


Kate SeRine: No, my hero, Joe Dawson from Torn, is not based on any particular individual; he’s definitely a product of my imagination. But I imagine he was inspired by the various accounts I’ve read by and about soldiers from the American Civil war, WWI, WWII, as well as present-day memoirs and biographies of individuals who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

>Follow Kate SeRine: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


Lea Griffith: My grandfather was a veteran of the Korean Conflict. As an Army man he went on to become a City of Atlanta Policeman and ultimately a Homicide Detective. He was a big, gruff man, strict but so emotionally gooey on the inside it is almost unbelievable as I recall him. My favorite childhood memories include him and though I know there were times when he struggled, he was infinitely protective.

The hero of War Games is an Army Ranger, tough on the outside, gooey once you get past the exterior. In a lot of ways Rook Granger mimics the very best qualities of my grandfather-and this is something I didn’t even realize until I just wrote this piece.
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