The Werewolf Society Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones- a review

THE WEREWOLF SOCIETY TRILOGY by Lisa Renee Jones-a review


WICKED WEREWOLF NIGHT is the premiere novel (Nov 2011) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Werewolf Society series. The Werewolf Society is a spinoff of Lisa’s Vampire Warden series.

Ailya Richardson is a witch in love with an alpha male-a true alpha wolf Nico Moore, but Ailya had been cast aside one year earlier. When a spell she used to help the vampires and werewolves went horribly wrong, Ailya was cast aside by Nico and left alone to fight the demons she had created with her witch spell. And now it was time to make things right. Called in to remove a binding spell from vampire Warden Troy, Ailya knew this was only the first of many apologies she would have to perform to slowly repair the tepid truce between the wolves and the witches. What she didn’t expect was to find Nico present, wearing the witches medallion that would save her life. With only 6 months before until her next birthday and inevitable death, Ailya needed to get possession of her medallion before someone else discovers the family secret and her life was no more.

Nico Moore was the alpha wolf of his pack. Never mated, he knew that Ailya was his. But wolves could only claim wolves as their true mates with both the binding rituals and mate marks. The lore would not stand in Nico’s way. And knowing the love of his life believed he betrayed her and left her to die only added to his guilt and shame. But his rejection was necessary to save her life. If he had continued to see Ailya and claim her as his own, she would be dead or worse. He sent her away for her own protection. Now he must once again betray her for her own protection. And now that one of the biggest threats to Ailya’s life was dead, Nico proceeded to put his plans in motion.

Ailya could never resist Nico’s charms. Their attraction was palpable and Nico’s pack knew that the witch and the wolf would one day be together-forever. Claiming be damned, they knew Nico would never give up where Ailya was concerned and this made for some bitter enemies among the pack, and both Nico and Ailya had to find the person(s) responsible for betraying the pack. It was only when Ailya’s heath took a turn that jealousy would rear its’ ugly head and put Ailya’s life in danger, once again.

With one betrayer eliminated, Nico and Ailya made plans for their future, that now included more than just the two of them. And Marcus would bring them a wedding gift that even Ailya’s magic could not match.

WICKED WEREWOLF NIGHT is a great start to Lisa’s Werewolf Society series. As a companion and spin-off to her Vampire Warden series, Lisa thankfully included much of the premise information from one of her previous novels where Ailya and Nico ran into trouble. Without this background info, I believe the new reader to the series would have been confused. I am one reader who is always pleased when an author includes pertinent information from the series and previous novels. Looking forward to Lisa’s next instalment in her Werewolf Society series-Wicked Werewolf Secret (May 2012).

WICKED WEREWOLF SECRET (Werewolf Society #2) by Lisa Renee Jones

WICKED WEREWOLF SECRET is the second installment and novella (May 2012) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Werewolf Society series. The Werewolf Society is a companion series to Lisa’s Vampire Warden series of novels.

With her new law degree, wolf-shifter Sarah Duncan wanted to work for the Council. But her parents had always warned her about the elders-The Royal Guard-some of the most powerful warriors they wolves employed. And Sarah’s attraction to alpha male Kole Smith was something she didn’t understand and was not willing to examine too closely. Nearing the end of her shift at the Casino, Sarah knew her life was about to changed when Kole once again, took a seat at her blackjack table and literally was about to turn the tables.

Kole Smith was next in line. As second to former pack leader Nico, the position would soon shift to Kole, when NIco took up his new position with the Council of Magic. But Kole had other things on his mind-claiming his mate-the beautiful blackjack dealer Sarah Duncan. Now, the only thing he needed was to prove to her, that they belonged together. But finding his future mate stepping into a stranger’s car, put Kole on high alert. Alarm and danger filled his senses and suddenly Kole was swept into a world of fire, explosions and murder. Realizing his mate had walked into a set-up his first instinct was to save Sarah, and with the warehouse ablaze and her family trapped inside, Kole knew he would lose Sarah as well when she chose to run. 18 months later, Kole knew he would face Sarah and it would be his final chance to claim his mate.

Since the murder of her family, Sarah had gone vigilante. Tracking down those rebel wolves who stood in her way between revenge and the Council, Sarah’s ultimate goal was the destruction of the man who set her up and killed the only family she knew. But fate had other plans, when Kole Smith finally tracked her down to bring her in to face the Council of Elder and speak to her crimes. Only it wasn’t the Council who wanted Sarah-it was Kole-and when she finally recognized the mating-frenzy in Kole, she knew that the next pack leader was her’s to claim as well. But overhearing Nico, Kole and Shi discussing the King’s potential ruling in all matters that concerned the couple, her heart sank. Perhaps it was time to run again, and let Kole assume the position he was meant to lead. But a surprise visit by the King would reveal more than both Kole and Sarah ever thought possible.

WICKED WEREWOLF SECRET is a short story that offers up another twist to the Werewolf Society series of novels and storylines. A quick read and one that will have you wanting more-in the next adventure-Wicked Werewolf Passion-Shi’s tale.

WICKED WEREWOLF PASSION (Werewolf Society #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

WICKED WEREWOLF PASSION is the third instalment (August 2012 release) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Werewolf Society series of stories. A spin-off from her Vampire Warden’s series, The Werewolf Society looks at the lives and loves of the wolves hoping to protect and save their own.

Shi McKnight knew that Carmen was his mate, but she was still one year shy of The Day of the Wolf when a female reached her fertility. Knowing her father was using every effort to keep them apart, it was only a matter of time before Alexander Neal would ensure that Shi never claimed his daughter. But Shi knew, that Alexander’s mind had been poisoned and trying to convince Carmen would be impossible. Unable to claim his own mate, Shi knew his only alternative was to leave, and now both of their lives would be at risk. With the Rebel Society destroying the wolves, it was a matter of time before Shi would be called to hunt those threatening his family and friends.

Carmen Neal was in love with Shi, but he continued to push her away. Knowing they were mates was made all the more difficult when after a wild night of passion he mysteriously disappeared and never returned for five years. It was during this time that Carmen’s father’s spiral into delirium increased and the Council was hoping to find a way to hold and control the Elder. But to Carmen’s surprise she would find Shi had returned with a two fold agenda–To save Carmen from the Rebel bands and to ensure that Alexander Neal was no longer a danger to himself and the wolves. Only now Carmen was under suspicion for possible Rebel cooperation.

Lisa includes a few of the previous storyline characters including Kole whose mate is close to delivering their first child. As a witch, Aylia (his mate ) had infused Kole with some magic but it is a darker form of magic that is devouring Alexander Neal’s mind. When his life was saved by magic, the side-effects have been more detrimental than anyone could have known. And it will be Shi who will have to face a nearly insane Alexander, when he is forced to protect his mate from the father who has aligned himself with the Rebel Forces.

WICKED WEREWOLF PASSION is a short novella in the Werewolf Society series. An interesting storyline that can be read as a stand-alone, although Lisa has included a few characters and names from the previous stories for a more inclusive flow. Shi is a sexy wolf who needs his mate and Carmen is a woman who knows what she wants.

Reviewed by Sandy

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  1. Great reviews Sandy. They all sound like pretty decent reads and who doesn’t like a story about a wolf. All that animal magnetism. 😉 Gotta say, I also love the covers, especially Wicked Werewolf Passion, makes me want to howl. 😉

  2. Wonderful reviews, Sandy. I have this series on my kindle. lol I had bought the set on sale, but have not had a chance to read it yet. In fact I have a few of Lisa’s books, every time she tells us they are on sale, I stock pile it. All on my kindle tbr. Upon reading your reviews, I have to move this one up, should be a fast read. As soon as I catch up.

  3. Wow another terrific review (s), Sandy. I like novellas for when you need a want a quick read, and this one sounds great. I will go buy them now, especially at that price.

  4. thank you sandy for these great reviews. i am going to buy this special, as they are all short books and not a long series. i won’t have to catch up much. perfect.

  5. I…actually….read….Wicked Werewolf Night and swooooooooooooooned by ass off for Nico!!!! Ms. Jones delivers romance and passion and strength…UGH, she’s awesome. I plan on finishing this entire series. Didn’t know about the character Carmen….MUST be great! ;D Ew…I just wrote that, didn’t I?

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