The Wolf Within (Purgatory #1) by Cynthia Eden-a review

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THE WOLF WITHIN (Purgatory #1) by Cynthia Eden

THE WOLF WITHIN is the November 15th, 2012 release from Cynthia Eden’s NEW paranormal Purgatory series. Like the name implies, Purgatory is a holding prison for members of the supernatural race, only this Purgatory holds the ones who cannot be controlled.

Duncan McGuire is one of the FBI Para Unit’s most lethal and powerful werewolf hunters, but on this night Duncan would become the victim of a werewolf bite that will force his partner to make the decision to either end or save his life. What Duncan doesn’t know is that there are others in the FBI with secrets and powers, and Duncan has become a pawn in a game between the Feds and an unknown source. People in power know the history of every agent, and Duncan’s family history hides a few skeletons that even he is not aware.

Holly Young is the Unit doctor who patches up the bullet wounds and broken bones whenever an agent is hurt. Holly believes she is unlike anyone else in the FBI and she is hoping to keep her identity a secret. But when Duncan McGuire is brought into her office on the verge of turning wolf, Holly will discover that Duncan’s wolf will lay claim to Holly as his mate. And Holly knows that the secret she is hiding, is the very one that calls Duncan to her blood.

We are introduced to several of Duncan and Holly’s fellow agents, as well as Holly’s stepbrother Pate. Pate is a rather interesting character and one that I am not sure if I like. As the Para Unit commander it is Pate’s duty to ensure his men are well aware of the risks and dangers, but Pate continues to expose his men to an ever-increasing world of evil. Pate is a player in a much larger game, and he too hides a few secrets of his own. He is a user and he will use anyone or anything, including his sister and his friend, to keep the Unit strong.

Holly and Duncan have always been attracted to one another, but since her accident the year before, Holly has kept her distance. Pate is trying to help Holly with her recovery, but Pate’s actions will place everyone, including his sister in danger. Duncan’s wolf wants its mate and nothing will stop him from claiming Holly.

THE WOLF WITHIN is a fast paced story with plenty of twists and secrets that have yet to be revealed.You think you know the bad guy – just wait !  There is a struggle for power within the FBI and the supernaturals will pay the ultimate price when one of their own is hoping to start a war. The FBI has been compromised and the Para Unit will have to go under cover to discover who is pulling the strings.

And….it doesn’t hurt…. Francesco J Cura is on the cover !!!!!

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. *picks self up off floor, wipes drool from chin and fans herself* Holy mumma is it hot in here or what???? My, my, my Francis looks devine on that cover, took me a few minutes of staring and drooling before I could get to your review Sandy. LOL!! Good review btw, sounds like an interesting read, heck it anything the cover alone speaks volumes for me. growl and purr!!!!!

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