Tickle Your Fancy:  Found something interesting? Maybe the man of your dreams? The man of the hour? Reading something funny?  What’s the latest tearjerker?  What did you dream last night? Any plans for the weekend?  Have you seen something funny or do you have a funny story?  What happened on ‘Dancing With the Stars’….any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’?  

A few times a month, The Reading Cafe contributors will post a column to add something humorous to our daily lives.  Let everyone experience the funny side of life…..something that ‘Tickles Your Fancy’.

December 22. 2013 – Tricia Talks – My Year 2013

June 9, 2012- Marcie Marcie Marcie – Adventures in Las Vegas

May 13, 2012-Marcie Marcie Marcie-Adventures on Vacations

April 21, 2012-Marcie Marcie Marcie-Adventures of a Stress Fracture

March 24, 2012-TRICIA TALKS–TED is my new Auto-Correct

March 17, 2012-Marcie Marcie Marcie–My Olympic Ice Skating Debut (Not)