THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD by Darynda Jones-a review

Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones-a review

THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD by Darynda Jones (released Jan 2012)

Darynda Jones continues the adventures of Charlotte “Charley” Davidson and her battle with all things good, evil, beyond evil and really smexy. I must give praise to Darynda Jones’s writing style. Above all else, Charley’s witty repartee, sarcastic responses, one liners, sassy come-backs with friends, enemies and frenemies would make this series a stand-out. I find myself laughing and thinking…”that is exactly what I would have said (had I been rockin’ the PI badge).” I need a {sarcasm} button whenever I visit chat rooms to discuss books and authors….or perhaps an {insert Charley sarcasm} button. Do you think Bill Gates is willing to {sarcasm} help me out?? Then again, it is Charley’s sarcasm that may cost her…..her life!!

Third Grave Dead Ahead continues a few weeks after Second Grave. As the Grim Reaper, among other things, Charley has some special powers that she is just discovering. Once again, Charley considers a missing person(s) case, but the evidence doesn’t add up. A wealthy doctor comes to Charley in the hopes she (Charley) will find his missing wife, but a mixture of guilt and sorrow pour off the man, and that in itself is confusing. But as Charley and her ‘intrepid’ side-kick Cookie scour for information, more details about the man’s past will surface and more than just one missing and presumed dead wife will tarnish the ‘good doctor’s’ reputation.

Charley’s dad, once again, begs his daughter to turn in her PI badge. Like all fathers, he is concerned and worried about his daughter, but the PI business is ugly, and week and week, Charley is risking her life for clients who are guiltier than the mob. But Dad is not aware of, to what extent Charley’s abilities can stretch. He has ‘used’ Charley with many of his investigations within the APD, since she was 4-5 years old, and that has left the man shrouded in guilt-but a father should never have to see his daughter bloodied, bruised and near death on any occasion, let alone during an investigation. Uncle Bob (Ubie) is aware of who is and what is Charley’s secret identity, and it is Ubie that will not risk his niece’s life; but the tail that is following Charley, maybe too late, in more ways than one. And Charley’s father will once again, try to protect his daughter, but in doing so he will lose more than he bargained. The father-daughter relationship is slowly crumbling and no one is around to collect the pieces of the broken heart. I can only hope, that Darynda has a direction for this particular storyline, because although I understand the guilt and remorse of the father, it is the sorrow and depression engulfing the man, that must be addressed before it is too late.

Much is revealed about some of Charley’s associates including Officer Vaughan and Swopes. Although there is no love loss between Vaughan and Charley, she has the satisfaction of knowing why the man tried to run her over in high school. And Garrett Swopes will risk everything (including his life) to ensure Charley’s safety. But a new man has entered Charley’s life-as an interesting twist at the end of the storyline will show. Although we met Donovan under less than ideal circumstances, there is a connection between he and Charley, and one that does NOT go unnoticed by Reyes. And Cookie has a new man in her life??? I hope we see this relationship grow because it should add some very humorous dialogue to an already great series.

And Reyes. The Son of Satan, who was brought to earth, to be with Charley Davidson continues to haunt every aspect of her life. But when Charley binds Reyes to his corporeal body on earth, he is left unprotected from the demons hoping to secure the Map and Key to both Heaven and Hell. Reyes knows that he and Charley are fated, but she must discover on her own how to use her powers and abilities. Without that knowledge, Charley is risking the lives of everyone on earth. But for some reason, Reyes is not allowed to interfere in Charley’s supernatural development and that is a disturbing. Reyes knows that both he and Charley have a purpose and that they are both hunted for that very reason.

And finally…Earl Walker. Reyes foster father and the man Reyes was imprisoned for murdering. But the extent of the man’s perversion and psychosis goes beyond a story and a few pictures or words. To experience first hand, the torture and degradation from a man as evil as Earl Walker, would scar more than just the body….but the soul. Could that have been the cause of Reyes’s rage and anger? Or is Reyes need and wanting of Charley more than just the knowledge that they will one day be guardian and warriors against the demons from hell. Are Reyes feelings for Charley true or a necessary evil that comes along with the title of KEYS to both heaven and hell.

Third Grave Dead Ahead is another amazing and wonderful storyline from author Darynda Jones. Her sense of humor and quick repartee between the characters will have you giggling and shaking your head. And we all know someone like Charley Davidson-a no nonsense woman willing to go the distance for someone she loves. Let’s hope Charley is loved as much in return.

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1. First Grave on the Right
2. Second Grave on the Left
3. Third Grave Dead Ahead
4. Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
5. Fifth Grave Past The Light (2013)

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. You have done a great job, Sandy with these Darynda Jones reviews. I have been reading all the reviews. Just the humor and fun you all seem to have, I went and ordered the first book.

  2. Another great one Sandy! Can’t wait to read this series!! And, as you know, I’ve been a proponent for a *sarcasm* font for a looooong time……………..;)

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