THREAD OF DEATH (Elemental Assassin # 5.5) by Jennifer Estep-a review

THREAD OF DEATH (Elemental Assassin #5.5) by Jennifer Estep-a review

THREAD OF DEATH by Jennifer Estep

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THREAD OF DEATH is an urban fantasy novella (released Jan 2012)  written by Jennifer Estep. Book 5.5 in Jennifer’s Elemental Assassin series, Thread of Death follows the heroine, Gin Blanco (aka the Spider) at the funeral of one of the Underworld’s most vial and frightening mob boss- Mab Monroe. But a little background information at this point may be useful to anyone who has not read the Elemental Assassin series.

Gin Blanco Is an assassin for hire in the corrupt town known as Ashland. The supernatural beings of the Underworld include dwarves, vampires, giants and elementals. The elementals are gifted with one of four affinities-air, stone, fire and ice, but in Gin’s case, she has been gifted with both stone and ice. Gin’s identity as the assassin Spider, is not known, but Thread of Death reveals both her elementals and her alter ego, to the seedy town of Ashland.

Gin Blanco is still recovering from her most recent encounter with Mab Monroe, and feels it is necessary to attend the fire-elemental’s funeral, much to the chagrin of her friends and lover. But Gin needs to see for herself, that Mab is truly dead. Many of the Underworld’s notorious villains and miscreants are also in attendance, including Mab’s former legal advisor Jonah McAllister and fellow crime boss Philip Kincaid.

But when gunfire breaks out, and it appears Gin is the intended target, all eyes turn to Gin as she changes roles from Gin to Spider. Knowing that the assassin Spider has now been exposed, she knowingly looks to Mab’s former legal advisor Jonah, and without a doubt, Gin knows that Jonah is behind the recent attempt on her life. Jonah will stop at nothing to expose Gin to the Underworld bosses, so they know exactly whom they are dealing with.

When the funeral service has finally ended, Gin remains to pay her respects, hoping to catch a glimpse, as to the contents of the casket, hoping to prove to herself, that Mab is truly gone, but one again, she is attacked. The dwarves are gunning for her head baring shovels and spades, only this time, Philip Kincaid witnesses the Spider in action.

Thread of Death, as a novella is a quick read. The story is written in first person point of view, with each chapter featuring a different narrator. The information revealed does not necessarily add to the storyline as a reader, but the information does allow for specific storylines in the future, now that the crime bosses are aware of Gin’s true identity as Spider. We are surprised, knowing, that perhaps Mab Monroe could possibly have survived the confrontation with Gin, but Gin’s preoccupation with the casket and its’ contents, makes you wonder—is Mab Monroe really dead? I am looking forward to By a Thread, to see what both Phillip and Jonah have in store for Gin. Thread of Death is a good segue for the next book-By A Thread


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Book 5–Spider’s Revenge 
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Bok 8–Deadly Sting- 2013

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Reviewed by Sandy


13 thoughts on “THREAD OF DEATH (Elemental Assassin # 5.5) by Jennifer Estep-a review

  1. Makes me think of Godfather meets Paranormal. Interesting concept of mob activity in the Underworld. I don’t think Mab Monroe is dead. It’ll be interesting to see Gina/Spider in action. Thanks Sandy.

  2. Nicely done again Sandy. It does sound interesting and I have to agree with Lavonda44 with her idea of Godfather meets paranormal. One day I may actually get around to check out all of these new authors I’m being introduced to. For now I just keep adding them to my various lists.

  3. Another great review Sandy!! You’ve told me before that they are great…………..but………………. you NEVER compared them to BDB!!!! Holy Hell!! They just got bumped up on the list!!!! 😉

    • They definitely do not compare to storyline content to the BDB..not even similar…but…the series is amazing……

      *whispering*…I am encouraging everyone to read this series and reminding Marcie…that she has yet to pick up the BDB from out recommendations…lol

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