To Capture an Ancient by M.A. Abraham – a Review

To Capture an Ancient by M.A. Abraham – a Review


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Earáne is a freethinking Elf. The only daughter of King Liessen and Aredhel, leader of the Elite Guards and General Jerrol Eagle Claw’s lover. She is happy with her life, until she meets Felcor as he fights deep in the Dark Elven Kingdom forests against overwhelming odds. Here, she quickly acknowledges, is her Life Mate, although she doesn’t want him to know it yet. First, she wickedly decides, she wants to play games with him. Then she will let him know what he is to her.

Felcor is more than grateful to the young Elven beauty that has come to his rescue, as he battles Demon forces in the forest. He doesn’t need to be told who she is, he knows. She isn’t only the daughter of the Dark King Liessen, but she is his Life Mate. He realizes things are done differently in the Dark Elven Kingdom, knows that they have a different code of ethics from what he was raised with, but he is determined to do things his way.

It is a clash of cultures, Ancient High Elf vs. modern Dark Elf and the games are on




To Capture an Ancient by M.A. Abraham is a novella that is part of her wonderful Elven Chronicles series.  Earane and Felcor are our heroes in this book, but the story revolves around the upcoming war that threatens the lives of the Elven Kingdom, as we know it.

To Capture an Ancient begins at the time where things were left off in the last book, with Gabriel and all the Elves trying to make plans to put their people in safe places, and be prepared for this war, where the reports are saying they will be seriously outnumbered by the demons. Disaster and destruction is on the horizon.

Earane, who is King Leissen and Aredhel daughter, is our heroine.  She is a dark elf, and a leader of the Elite Guards .  Earane is a very confidant and strong young lady, who doesn’t fear fighting and killing demons.  When she comes upon another Elf fighting off a demon attack, Earane will come to help.  When the battle has been won, she will face the man who is her lifemate.   Felcor, an ancient elf, also recognizes that he has finally found his lifemate in Earane.  In between fighting off some demons, the two will make their bond and  lifemate claiming.  They are once again attacked by Demons, and just when the situation becomes dire, Gabrielle and Eol will come to their rescue.

Gabriel is not a happy camper, and dresses down both Earane and Felcor for being careless, and not quickly getting the information they found to him and the others.  Everyone realizes that Gabriel is under terrible stress, and not sleeping. It will take Eden to force him to take a break and rest.

We watch as all the Elves try to find a way to protect their loves ones, and prepare to lose some of their lands to ward off the major demon attack.  To Capture an Ancient is a short story that will lead us to the next full novel, Kings of the Empire, and the demon war.  I cannot wait for this book, and will worry until then what will happen to our Elves.

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