TO RIDE A PUCA (YA) by Heather McCorkle-a review

TO RIDE A PUCA  (YA) by Hether McCorkle-a review

To Ride A Puca by Heather McCorkle

To Ride a Puca (May 2012 release) by Heather McCorkle takes place in long ago Ireland and tells the coming of age story of Neala, a young Druid girl learning about her powers. Druids are being persecuted to near extinction and she and her family must hide their powers from their neighbors. Sheltered by her parents, Neala must discover her power and her connection to Ireland and decide if it is worth fighting for.

There is a distraction of being wooed by 3 attractive men to take the edge off of of the threat of death and battle. Neala doesn’t have a type, so there is a guy for everyone, and each guy really wants to win her heart! There is Bren, a fellow Druid, who teaches her about her amazing Warrior powers. Tyr the Dane, who is the country’s mortal enemy, but who will betray his own family for Neala. Last, there is Donal, an enigma to Neala and a friend of her deceased brother. He appears out of nowhere ready to defend Neala against all threats.

The layers of reinterpreted history, magic and an average relatable girl give the story originality. Plus, there is the legend of the Puca. A puca is a shapeshifter of Irish legend They are feared because they can destory people’s lives. The relationship between the girl and her horse is an important element in this YA story. As Neala chooses between following her friends or family, she learns the importance of facing the truth and not denying it. Will she be able to help save the Druids and her homeland? Whatever happens, you know it will be with her puca at her side!

This was an engaging story from start to finish. If you love reading about Irish folklore and legends, you will love To Ride A Puca. It is also a fast read, geared for the mature YA fan.

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Reviewed by Jules


11 thoughts on “TO RIDE A PUCA (YA) by Heather McCorkle-a review

  1. Great review, Jules. The title of this book did not grab my attention, but reading your review has definitely gotten my interest. I like the way you note it is geared for the mature YA audience. Very well done.

  2. way to go Jules, nice review. Thanks for answering my question regarding what a Puca is. Very interesting, had no idea it was a shape shifter.

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