Too Far Gone (The Hanover Brothers #4) by HelenKay Dimon-a review

TOO FAR GONE (Hanover Brothers #4) by HelenKay Dimon-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 2, 2014

The Hanover brothers inherited quite a legacy from their con-artist father, including a secret they never imagined…

FBI Agent Walker Reeves came to Sweetwater, Oregon looking to settle a vendetta. His career is in shambles after years spent tracking down the Hanover brothers. He hopes to tie them to the schemes of their father Charlie—the same man who ruined Walker’s life. Unfortunately, Walker’s desire for revenge blinds him to the one chance at happiness he’ll ever get…

Even knowing that her friends would worry, art store-owner Mallory Able took a risk sleeping with Walker. She succumbed to his craving for control in the bedroom, but when reality got too tough for Walker, he bolted and left her in ruins. Now he’s returned. If Walker wants her back, he’s going to have to do some smooth talking both in and out the bedroom. And this time Mallory is in charge…



SOME BACKGROUND: Charlie Hanover was a con artist who all but destroyed the small town of Sweetwater and in his wake left three sons who must now deal with the aftermath of their father’s con. Fast forward twenty years, and the now three adult men, have returned to claim their grandmother’s estate-only the house once belonged to Marc Baron. And Marc is determined to seek retribution and revenge for the sins of the father.

TOO FAR GONE is the fourth installment in HelenKay Dimon’s Hanover Brothers contemporary, adult romance series focusing on the Hanover brothers of Sweetwater, Oregon. This is FBI Agent Walker Reeves and art store owner Mallory Able’s storyline-a second chance at love trope that focuses on Walker’s connection to the Hanover brothers and his rekindling romance with Mallory Able. TOO FAR GONE is the fourth book in the series; it can be read as a stand alone but some important information is missing so I would suggest reading the series in order for cohesion and pure enjoyment.

The premise follows Walker’s return to Sweetwater, Oregon after a twenty eight day absence. Following the revelations about his vendetta and FBI criminal investigation into Callen Walker’s past, as well as the resulting emotional upheaval between Walker and the Hanover brothers, Walker leaves town without so much as a goodbye or backward glance but in doing so he destroys any hope of a continued relationship with art shop owner Mallory Able. Mallory and Walker had kept their relationship a secret and with Walker’s escape Mallory is left behind to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Mallory is best friends with Leah Baron (Declan Hanover’s girlfriend book 1) and has been accepted as a member of the Hanover family. With Walker’s return, Mallory’s love and desire for Walker continues to grow but Walker’s relationship with the Hanover family is causing some problems for everyone involved. Walker’s previous vendetta against the Hanover family, as he tried to prove their connection to their father’s (Charlie Hanover) con game and fraud, has resulted in a lack of trust, betrayal and broken hearts. When new information is presented, Walker, once again, disappears leaving Mallory and the Hanover’s to deal with the possible repercussions.

The relationship between Mallory and Walker is a second chance at love for two people with similar backgrounds and pasts. But Walker’s need for vengeance against the Hanover Brothers continues to build a wall between our leading couple. Walker is unable to get past his own guilt for almost destroying the Hanover family and the lingering jealousy of what could have been. He was wrong and he has come back to town to make amends. The sex scenes are seductive and hot. Walker likes to play in the bedroom; against the wall; or the living room floor.

All of the previous storyline couples including the Hanover matriarch Kim Hanover and her beloved Tom play a supporting role in the ensemble storyline. Each couple adds a familiarity and sense of family to a story that will see forgiveness and acceptance for a man who knew no love or comfort growing up. We get a glimpse into each couple’s life, their future and what it means to be in the Hanover family.

HelenKay Dimon does a fantastic job pulling the reader into a storyline about family, love, trust and betrayal. The Hanover family bond continues to grow with each storyline; their family expands with the addition of girlfriends, fiancés and lost souls with no where else to go. TOO FAR GONE reveals a little more information about Charlie Hanover-his crimes, his betrayal and his con of a small town bent on redemption and retribution, and the pain and heartbreak for one family who knew very little about his past.

1. No Turning Back
2. A Simple Twist of Fate
3. Long Way Home
4. Too Far Gone

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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