TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL (Touch of Seduction #3) by Mia Marlowe

Touch of a Scoundrel (Touch of Seduction #3) by Mia Marlowe

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL (Touch of Seduction #3) by Mia Marlowe

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL is the third storyline and August 2012 release from author Mia Marlowe’s Touch of Seduction historical romance series. Griffin Nash, the Earl of Devonwood had a gift passed down through his mother’s side of the family. With his ability to ‘see’ and the ‘sending’, Griffin could touch an object and see the possessor’s future outcome, only when, at fourteen years of age, he foresaw his father’s death, there was nothing he could possibly do. Now that he is an adult, he knew better than to touch an anonymous object without the use of gloves. But once he touched Emmaline Farnsworth’s fan, he knew he was lost in a world of lust and love.

Theodore Devonwood thought he was in love with American traveller Emmaline Farnsworth Relishing the idea of marriage to the beautiful and intelligent Emmaline, Teddy brought her home, along with her ‘father’ to meet the family and his friends. But once on the estate, Griffin took it upon himself to investigate the claims that Dr. Montague Farnsworth and his daughter had unearthed a rare Egyptian statue. And now that the information was revealed, everyone in the ton, wanted in on the action. But it was Griffin who was beginning to realize that Monty and his daughter were not quite who they had claimed to be.

Griffin knew better than to get involved with his brother’s soon-to-be fiancé, but their attraction to one another was palpable. And once Griffin ‘saw’ their future, it was impossible to avoid what was to come. Between his dreams, ‘Seeing’ and the
‘Sending’ Griffin tries to avoid putting himself into the situations where their paths will cross, but inevitably what he ‘Sees’ will always come into fruition regardless of the path he has chosen. But when Emmaline and Griffin take the next step, Griffin sees that his future with Theodore will end tragically for one or both.

Meanwhile the story continues to focus on the Tetisheri Egyptian statue that Emmaline and Monty were promoting as part of their archeological find. The deeper Theodore entranced himself into the mystery surrounding the statue, the more Griffin realized that something didn’t feel right. But following an attempted burglary at the estate, Griffin will discover that Emmaline and her father had played everyone for a fool and now that his heart was involved, he wanted to know if her feelings for him were true and Theodore would have to be told. But a gathering of family and friends at Devonwood Park would place everyone in danger with their lies and deceit. A duel between brothers would end with blood, and the woman that Devon loves would go missing with one of his ‘friends’.

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL is a warm and fuzzy historical romance with a slight touch of the paranormal. The Earl’s ability to ‘touch and see’ 12 hours into the future is not the stuff of supernatural beings but a little bit of fantasy thrown in for added fun. Mia weaves a magical illusion of a fated tale of love and lust. And the secondary characters, whose lives were entertained and intermixed with the Earl and Emmaline, will surely be the focus of a few of Mia’s upcoming Touch of Seduction novels.

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Reviewed by Sandy


6 thoughts on “TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL (Touch of Seduction #3) by Mia Marlowe

  1. Nicely done Sandy. Sounds interesting and historical romances is something I’m slowly starting to get into. I must say the cover is quite steamy. 😉

  2. very nice review, Sandy. Sounds like a good read, when you are in the mood for a Historical romance. I have read two recently, and they were pretty good. so maybe ill give this one a chance too

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