TOUCHED (YA) by Cyn Balog-a new release review

TOUCHED (YA) by Cyn Balog

TOUCHED (YA) by Cyn Balog

TOUCHED is the August 2012 new release Young Adult paranormal fiction novel from Cyn Balog.

17year old Nick Cross (aka Crazy Cross) by his fellow students can see the future. Not just the few minutes or hours ahead, but a lifetime of memories. And the continuous script that runs through his head takes on epic proportions each time he changes his course of action. The ‘cycling’ of events results in mind-blowing headaches and he must stick to the script or suffer further pain and anguish. But when he is unable to prevent the death of a young child, Nick’s life begins to spiral further out of control and the future he sees does not bode well for Nick and his family. Yet the touch of a ‘beautiful angel’ will stop all of the pain and the cycling of events, if only for a few minutes at a time.

Taryn’s family is new to the Jersey Shore. Moving in with her eccentric grandmother, Taryn must face the reality that will be her future. A family secret, one shared by both Taryn and her grandmother, must be addressed before Taryn’s 17th birthday. As the youngest female grandchild, the power of the Touch will be gifted to Taryn, but it is a gift that Taryn does not want to receive. Hoping to find a way to remove the family ‘curse’, Taryn soon finds a kindred spirit in Nick Cross- a boy she claims has been Touched. But when Nick sees their future, his only recourse is to push Taryn away before they both have no future to tell.

Taryn’s grandmother is a bibliomancer, with the ability to bring The Book Of Touch to life. But a Touch that went horribly wrong almost 18 years earlier, has forced Taryn’s grandmother to leave that part of her life behind. And with Taryn’s 17th birthday only days away, the Book of Touch must once again be addressed. The only problem-the remaining Touches will bring death and destruction to those who use it unwisely or for purposes of revenge.

Throughout his life, Nick has blamed his father for the sins of the son, but his friendship with Taryn has revealed his own family secret that has caused his mother years of guilt and pain. And his grandmother Nan will be the one to bring everything back to the future.

TOUCHED is a story of one young man’s journey to find the truth. But when the truth is revealed, Nick knows that all of the pain and suffering could have been avoided. A mistake made long ago, will force one family member to change history and inevitably the future of everyone they meet at the Jersey Shore. A wonderful storyline, that will make you sit up and think—if you were granted just one wish—would you regret what you wished for.

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reviewed by Sandy

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4 thoughts on “TOUCHED (YA) by Cyn Balog-a new release review

    • Hi Lori- TOUCHED is YA but definitely not just for Teens and Young Adults. The Reading Cafe has had the privilege of reviewing many new YA series and books…..and they are fast becoming main stream.

      Hope you enjoy all of our reviews and interviews.

  1. Excellent review, Sandy. You are right, YA is fast becoming the main stream, and I find myself really enjoying some of them. This one does sound interesting, and if you liked it, then I need to check it out.

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