TOXIC (Part 1) Celestra Series #7 by Addison Moore-a review

TOXIC (Part 1) Celestra Series #7 by Addison Moore-a review

TOXIC Part One (Celestra Series #7) by Addison Moore

TOXIC is the next to last instalment (September 2012 release)  in Addison Moore’s young adult Celestra series. I am not sure where to begin. I have both enjoyed and been disheartened by this series. The premise is interesting-a young girl who would be the savior in a centuries old war between good and evil, but apparently no one is willing to tell her what she is to do or how to do it. So, along the way she comes up against impossible odds, and throws everyone into a war that the Celestra are quickly losing. Without guidance, Skyla flounders in what can only be described as ‘teens gone wild’ movie premise, as she tries to convince the others they have the wrong girl.

Skyla Messenger is back in the 7th storyline along with the entire cast of Counts, Fems, Celestra, mean girls and love starved teens and yet the storyline doesn’t really progress any further along than the previous book. Skyla is still in love with Gage, Logan and Marshall, and they too, are in love with her. The angst of this particular love nest is pushing my proverbial button. I am not sure how Addison will be able to justify the eventual pairing because throughout the series each love interest has either tried to kill, killed or hurt the object of their affection more than once. As the dueling cousins, Gage and Logan are at the top of the love food chain, but each has hurt Skyla with their twisted attempts to both save and guard the young woman who is destined to rule the Celestra kingdom. And Marshall, although appearing to be a pervy old man, comes across as her knight in shining armor albeit with an ulterior motive. And I am not sure whether his motives are necessarily altruistic or something else. And to complicate the entire love quad, Skyla is in love with all 3 men, but not necessarily on an equal par.

Most of the adult figures in the storyline are either evil or oblivious to everything going on. Skyla’s adopted parents are embroiled in their own little world where trying to make babies interferes with their parenting skills as well as their ability to get a grasp on reality. And on every page her step-father hurls accusations of sex orgies and illicit drug use all the while allowing the young men of the household to participate in said dalliances. I have never seen 2 parents more oblivious to the world around them unless under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sadly I have no sympathy for many of the characters because the lack of respect accorded the children is equal to the lack of respect in return. The storyline is a study in bad family dynamics-all around. Even Skyla’s birth mother is a questionable parent when she is willing to let her daughter die for a greater cause. Skyla is the perpetual target for her step-father’s anger, and yet the household siblings seem to live in a glass dome as it pertains to the parental units. Regardless of events, it seems Skyla is on the receiving end of too many toxic relationships in her short life.

Back to Skyla’s love life. (sigh) This must be one amazing young woman to have so many boys and men professing their love and adoration for someone so inept and clumsy that she accidently kills or maims many of the so called friends and aquaintances she encounters on her daily rituals. Not only does she have the unending worship of Gage, Logan and Marshall but her awe-inspiring persona has trapped a few other young men in her world of inept seduction and teen angst. Even the evil counts want to get into Skyla’s pants. But Skyla remains a virgin, much to her chagrin, even though she is ready and more than willing to prove her love to both Gage and Logan, by sacrificing her virginity for the greater good.

Sadly, I will be happy to see this series come to fruition. The teenage love quad alone has forced my acceptance that sometimes all things must come to an end. Several hearts will be broken unless by some miracle we discover that there are 3 Skyla’s who have inadvertently time travelled and arrived at the same time period-it is possible –she has encountered herself on many occasions in the past and future. Perhaps this is the only way to have a true HEA. I was disappointed that the storyline did not progress beyond previous book as it seem to go around in circles, but this is part one of book seven and we hope that all of our questions and concerns will be addressed in the final instalment.

Reviewed by Sandy


6 thoughts on “TOXIC (Part 1) Celestra Series #7 by Addison Moore-a review

  1. Love the review Sandy!! I never complain too much about the triangle, but a love QUAD???? LOLOLOLOL!!!! Will love to see your review on the final book of this series to see if it is seen through ’til the end and things resolved….. Well done!!

  2. Holy Cow! I was reading this series but stopped after book 4. I couldn’t take it any more. I am glad I am not the only one who had some problems with the story.

    Great review and wonderful honesty.

  3. Great review Sandy and a very honest one too. This is why I love this site, we aren’t afraid to be real and honest in our reviews. I never got into this series since it’s YA and that’s not a genre I gravitate too. If I read any YA books, I’m very picky about them and they really have to pique my interest, otherwise I pass.

  4. YIKES. I was exhausted with Skyla’s love life just by your review. No, it won’t deter me from reading it, but I, too, wonder why Ms. Moore thinks broken hearts are always ok.

    Great review, Sandy!!!

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