Trail of Guilt (The Trail Series #2) by Rebecca Tust-Review and Giveaway

Trail of Guilt (The Trail Series #2) by Rebecca Tust-Review and Giveaway

Trail of Guilt

Trail of Guilt
The Trail Series #2
by Rebecca Tust
Genre: adult, contemporary, romantic suspense
Release Date: January 30, 2015

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 30, 2015

Chelsea Turner barely managed to survive at the hands of a psychotic stalker. She is still fighting inner demons when circumstances force her into hiding with the one man she’s desperately trying to avoid: sinfully handsome, confirmed bachelor, Blake Harrington.

As Blake Harrington’s boat explodes, killing two of his closest friends, he is certain it wasn’t an accident. Convinced he’s still in danger, Blake pulls Chelsea into hiding with him and turns to his old college friend, Special Agent Nicholas Braun, for help.
As Blake, Chelsea, and Nicholas search for answers, they find someone is ruthlessly determined to keep secrets buried. As they discover a trail of lies and deceit, will they be able to expose the truth before more lives are lost?

Trail of Guilt is a contemporary story with a tantalizing blend of romance, intrigue and suspense.


REVIEW: TRAIL OF GUILT is the second installment in Rebecca Tust’s contemporary, adult The Trail romantic, suspense series. This is radio personality Chelsea Turner and Blake Harrington’s storyline. We were first introduced to Chelsea and Blake in book one TRAIL OF OBSESSION-Megan Cartwright and Stephen Braun’s story. I strongly suggest reading the series in order as a number of characters, history and backstory overlap from book one to book two.

Told from several third person points of view, the storyline picks up after the events of book one. Chelsea had been savagely beaten by Raymond Overton-the psychotic killer who had originally targeted her best friend Megan in Trail of Obsession. While in recovery at home, Chelsea is quietly pursued by Blake Harrington-Stephen Braun’s best friend- in the hopes of a relationship. As Chelsea continues to pull away from friends and family, Blake finds himself struggling following an explosion and the death of his close friends Jen and Garrett. Believing he was the intended victim Blake pulls Chelsea into a cross-country run in the hopes of protecting the woman with whom he is falling in love. Blake is convinced that his connection to Chelsea places her life in danger.

Blake is a man who doesn’t do relationships. His reputation with the women precedes his attempts to seduce Chelsea and in this Chelsea is reluctant to have her heart broken. On the run, Chelsea and Blake will contact Stephen’s brother, ‘investigator’ Nicholas Braun, in the hopes of securing a place to stay. What ensues is the building relationship between Blake and Chelsea as they hide out waiting for Nicholas to uncover the truth behind the explosion and murders. The investigation will find Nicholas discovering a trail of missing money and the person responsible caught between two worlds and two lives.

The numerous secondary and supporting characters carry a good portion of the story. We get reacquainted with Megan and Stephen, and some of their extended family and friends; an assortment of law officials and FBI agents including Agent Lauren Leighton; Megan’s lawyer Sean Black (and Chelsea’s cousin); Raymond Overton; and Samantha-the woman responsible for Megan’s kidnapping in book one.

There are two side story developments that run parallel to Chelsea and Blake’s saga; both premises will intersect with the investigation resulting in the truth, more abductions and a missing FBI special agent.

TRAIL OF GUILT is a contemporary story of suspense, romance and loss but once again, like the first book, I found some questionable reality. The storyline is fast paced; the central characters likeable but fallible; their situations complicated and involved. There are moments of tension and guilt; romance and love; letting go and moving on. Rebecca Tust writes an intriguing storyline that ends on a bit of a cliffhanger that will introduce the potential players in the next installment.

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Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy

Guest Post-White and Aqua

Developing the Hero: Trail of Guilt

When you first meet Blake Harrington, he has a cocky and arrogant personality. He’s a successful financial analyst. He’s ruggedly handsome and athletic. He has money, great friends, and a lot of material things. He’s just celebrated his thirty-second birthday and life is going great.

Blake cares about Chelsea and has been pursuing her. They have great chemistry together and she has the potential to be something more, but Blake is still in the mode of playing games and avoiding commitment. I felt if they connected too soon, Blake would end up sabotaging the relationship.

I knew I needed to do something to shake Blake’s world up in order to make him change. I started with him witnessing his friends’ deaths. He’s burdened with grief and thinks it’s his fault his friends died. As his friends and family assume he’s been killed as well, he finds himself stripped of everything and re-evaluating his life. He realizes he doesn’t want to be remembered as a selfish, fun-loving SOB and starts to make a change.

As Blake and Chelsea continue to spend time together, you see a softer, more vulnerable side to Blake. He cares about his friends and his family. When he discovers his father has had a heart attack, he pushes his welfare aside. He knows coming out of hiding is a risk, but he’s willing to risk his life in order to see his father again.
As Blake and Chelsea work together to overcome various adversities, they realize what or who is important in life. Blake comes to appreciate his family and friends even more. He realizes the relationship he has with Chelsea is special and opens his heart for love instead of trying to push it away. I hope you enjoy Blake’s transformation from shallow and selfish to a caring man worthy of love.

Developing the Heroine:

Chelsea Turner is a radio announcer with a vibrant personality and infectious laugh. She has a heart full of love, but finds herself unlucky when it comes to love. It seems she’s always falling for the wrong man, and Blake Harrington is no exception.

Because of a recent attack, Chelsea finds herself less carefree and more guarded. Even though Blake is trying to help pull her out of her funk, she’s trying to resist being with Blake alone. She’s at the point in her life where she’s tired of being in dead-end relationships.

Even though Chelsea has flaws, hates camping, and can be a little dramatic, she has a great heart. Her greatest strengths are her loyalty and support. When Chelsea realizes Blake needs her help, she’s willing to jeopardize her career and her life to help him.


About The Author

Rebecca TustDuring the day, Rebecca Tust work in the medical field helping the elderly get back to a good quality of life following a surgery or illness. She is married with two children and lives in MIddletown, CT. Life keeps her busy shuttling kids to practice, attending soccer games, and watching gymnastic meets. Rebecca loves reading and have always entertained the notion of writing a romantic suspense story. Rebecca is glad she’s had a chance to work in a field she loves, as well as chase her dreams.

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