TREMBLE (Celestra Series #2 YA) by Addison Moore-A Review

TREMBLE (Book 2 Celestra series) by Addison Moore

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TREMBLE is the 2nd book in Addison Moore’s Young Adult Celestra series. Addison continues the fast-paced, misguided adventures of Skyla Messenger and her group of supernatural friends and frenemies. And like many 16 year old girls, Skyla Messenger refuses to back down or take no for an answer. And when all is said and done, she will risk the lives of everyone she knows and loves.

Skyla is a pure Celestra- a species of angel that is hunted for their blood. But as the new school year begins, she must face some hard realities. The Countenance wants her blood, the Fems are trying to kill her, a Sector hopes she chooses him, the cheerleading squad hates her, Ellis wants her, and Gage and Logan, are in love with her. The Countenance has targeted Skyla in the hopes to prevent her and Logan from mating. Logan is also a Celestra of pure blood, and the rarity of their mating would create a most powerful angel. So, much to Skyla’s dismay, Logan and Gage have devised a plan, hoping to keep Skyla safe- to dissuade the Countenance from trapping Skyla, Logan convinces Sklya that she would be safer ‘dating’ Gage. The plan is a ruse, one that slowly begins to backfire, when Sklya develops feelings for Gage even though she and Logan still secretly see each other each evening. I can see the three-way love triangle starting to raise my hackles. Nothing good will come from this scenario.

But there are others vying for Skyla’s attention and blood. Marshall Dudley is a Sector- a being of power-that can heal or kill with a touch. He sides with no one, yet he can be a powerful ally or an even greater enemy, and no one is safe from his charm including the female student population. Assuming the position of the math teacher, Marshall is a continuous source of information and agitation for Skyla, and another male vying for the rights to Skyla. But it is Marshall who shows Skyla just what evil lurks in the hall of the Paragon High School. And once again, refusing to heed the warnings of those who know, Skyla looses more than she could have imagined. Ezrina, a ghostly apparition (perhaps Fem or demon or Sector) has set her sights on Skyla Messenger and will stop at nothing to get her blood.

With Marshall’s assistance Skyla soon discovers there are many ‘students’ and friends, who will soon develop their own supernatural powers. But it is Skyla’s ability to time travel (Light travel) that will put everyone at risk, including herself. Hoping to save her father from the fiery car accident, Skyla travels back in time 2 years, in order to prevent her father from ever getting into his car-but Skyla cannot change the past. His death will occur over and over, no matter the cost to Skyla and her friends. And to complicate matters, Skyla’s nightly travels, have her visiting Chloe, the young Celestra who was murdered earlier in the year. It is with Chloe’s help, that Skyla learns to control her travel, but she soon recognizes that every time she goes back, she changes something, that could put everyone at risk. As her contact with Chloe continues, Skyla hopes that the power of her own blood with help bring the dead back to life. But it is Chloe’s diary, that portents a warning and is most prophetic, and a glimpse into the future that could once again destroy or save everyone.

Logan and Skyla’s love for one another is tested again and again, as Gage and Skyla grow closer with their ‘faux’ relationship. Skyla loves both young men, equally but different, and is torn when Logan must pretend to want someone else. Skyla is warned on several occasions not to go back in time, but a fatal error in judgment has someone she loves, lost in the past. And her interference will change history for her family and her friends.

TREMBLE continues the story and builds on the idea of angels and demons fighting a war on earth. The power struggle between good and evil is fought on different levels, but with one goal in mind-to save or acquire Skyla Messenger. The action is fast paced, with rarely a pause or perusal, which in itself is a blessing. But my anxiety levels rose every time Skyla refused to listen or ignored the warnings. She risked the lives of her family, her friends, the students and her own life, over and over. Her tunnel vision of traveling through time to save her father caused misery and set in motion a series of actions that will culminate in a greater loss than the one she is trying to prevent. But-without the storyline, there would be no story!!! And if a story is able to grab hold-anxiety wise-isn’t that a good sign that the author was able to catch your attention? And the stories are becoming darker. So now, on to book 3-BURN

Reviewed by Sandy


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