#TripleX by Christine Zoldenz and Angelisa Stone-a review

#TripleX by Christine Zoldenz and Angelisa Stone-a review

Triple X

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 18, 2015

Does size really matter?

Two women spin a tale of comedy and new beginnings after they wake up and find themselves in a jail cell over 3000 miles away from home. Rehashing their adventure in front of a less-than-sympathetic judge, they give a laugh-out-loud and extremely detailed story of a road trip that finds them in a ton of trouble.

Battling age, weight, and their own personal demons, not only do they discover the open road and a life they misplaced somewhere in their 20s, they also find themselves. From breakups and stealing cars to blurry memories of something that might have happened in New Mexico, these two women will take you on a real journey, full of fun and, well, situations that people only write about and never really do….or do they?


REVIEW: #TRIPLEX is a wonderfully funny storyline that follows two forty something women-wives, mothers, writers, overweight and feeling lost-as they trek across country on their three month journey of enlightenment and realization ending in Vegas where our heroines find themselves in jail with a story to tell. Angelisa and Christine fight the battle of the bulge, issues of self esteem and insecurity, and a desire to once again feel needed and loved. #TRIPLEX is a humorous and entertaining look at self-discovery for two women whose lives have revolved around only family for far too long.

If you are over forty and married with children there are many scenarios that will be familiar, heartbreaking and right on the money.

Told from alternating first person points of view, the storyline follows Angelisa and Christine-two online best friends and writing partners-who have yet to meet in real life. When Christine finds her husband having sex with a much younger and slimmer ‘Malibu Barbie’, she pulls Angelisa onto the road, heading across country where their final destination (three months later) is a writer’s convention in Las Vegas. Along the way, our duo will rediscover their inner child, a slimmer self, and the women they had lost so many years before. There is plenty of author name dropping, a blogger or two, and a series of books and number one best sellers.

Zolendz and Stone combine the mundane with the extraordinary resulting in a hilarious and humorous storyline that will have you both laughing and crying at the same time. There are moments of disillusionment followed by realization that perhaps you are the only one responsible for your own happiness and no one else. From pink unicorns to killer yoga, frat parties and sex clubs, cupcakes and M&Ms, Angelisa and Christine find themselves in laughable situations where in the end two women will find friendship when they needed it the most. Size really doesn’t matter as long as you accept yourself for who you are.

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