Turning Up The Heat (Sweet Temptation #2) by Ashley Lister-a review

TURNING UP THE HEAT (Sweet Temptation #2) by Ashley Lister

Turning Up the Heat

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 30, 2014

The second book in the passionate Sweet Temptation trilogy.

Bill and Trudy’s tempestuous relationship veers from hurling insults in the kitchen to intense passion in the bedroom. The love/hate rollercoaster is made worse by a new revelation:

Bill also has an ex-wife whom he neglected to mention. To throw oil onto the flames Donny is back and more determined than ever to hammer a wedge between the couple and ruin their business.


REVIEW: TURNING UP THE HEAT is the second installment in Ashley Lister’s adult, contemporary Sweet Temptation erotic romance trilogy focusing on renowned chef and restaurant owner Bill Hart and baking entrepreneur Trudy Cole. Because it is the second of three installments TURNING UP THE HEAT should not be read as a stand alone; there is important information that has been revealed in book one-A Taste of Passion. As it pertains to the erotic element, there are several scenes of bondage and discipline: sometimes as punishment, but always with love.

The premise follows Bill and Trudy’s building relationship-one that began as a hot and sexy one night affair but grew into something more. Bill likes things a little kinky in the bedroom; he is a dominant and Trudy is ripe as his submissive. As a popular chef Bill’s business takes him out of town for days at a time and Trudy is left behind to run the restaurant while managing her own career and up start business. But threats are made by Trudy’s former friend and college roommate Donny that could directly affect Trudy’s up and coming Sweet Temptations café-a business in which she is partnered with her best friends. Donny wants a percentage of the profits because he was originally a part of the concept and design. Trudy’s refusal to accept Donny as partner finds the media one step ahead with allegations of lies, sex parties and paparazzi stalking.

The relationship between Bill and Trudy is one of mutual satisfaction, need and desire. Trudy is a submissive in the bedroom and with all things sex; she needs the affirmation of Bill’s dominance and he is more than willing to give Trudy what she needs. But in this there is some questionable concerns because Bill demands the truth at all times; will punish when he discovers a lie and yet he is one to keep secret something that will break Trudy’s heart and crush her soul.

The supporting and secondary characters include all of the previous storyline players including Bill’s ex wife whose past will catch up and destroy any chance at happiness for Trudy and Bill. Trudy’s former roommates and some times friends continue to wreak havoc in her life-from gossip to innuendo; lies and stretching the truth. Donny’s need for retribution will place Trudy’s reputation on the line when she is called to answer the allegations-time and again.

TURNING UP THE HEAT is a sexy, erotic romance storyline about two people whose lives revolve around food and sex. There are moments of tenderness and passion; dominance and control; exploration and experimentation. But everything is for nothing when the man that Trudy loves sets her up for heartbreak and betrayal leaving the storyline on a cliff hanger of epic proportions (I will add I saw this coming but, never the less, it was still a jolt to the system)

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Reviewed by Sandy


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