TWILIGHT’S DAWN by Anne Bishop-a review

TWILIGHT’S DAWN by Anne Bishop

Continuing our reviews on feature author Anne Bishop

TWILIGHT’S DAWN released in March 2011 was the final entry in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series, but rumor abounds that Twilight’s Dawn was written to appease the readers and fans of the series. Many readers questioned what happens to Jaenelle and Daemon, Satan, Lucivar and Surreal, and Twilight’s Dawn was written to answer those questions. Many readers were pleased with the release, especially those hoping for a revelation or resolution to their many questions, but other readers have more questions. Twilight’s Dawn is a four-part anthology leading up the The Highlord’s Daughter.


Winsol Gifts is a lighthearted look at what would be considered the Winter Solstice or the celebration of the Christian Christmas. Anne writes a happy storyline where the Sa Diablo family, work their way through the ups and downs of the preparations for the celebration. We are privy to Daemon’s first true Winsol with Jaenelle, Saetan’s first Winsol dance with Jaenelle as both the daughter of his heart and his daughter-in-law, Tersa’s worry about secrets and surprises, and the love of a father, so powerful, that it will bring his sons to tears. There are many whose families no longer care or who have left this plain of existence, and the celebration of Winsol, will bring everyone, including those considered family by blood, by heart and by choice together for a week-long celebration of life and love.


Shades of Honor takes place before the events in The Shadow Queen. Both Surreal and Rainier are recovering from injuries sustained, but where Surreal was in denial about her injuries, Rainier is denial about his recovery. And Surreal’s hope to forget the past, is addressed by Witch, who points out that Surreal did everything she could, but death and injury are not avoidable at all times.

Focusing on recovery and defensive techniques, Lucivar endures the trials and tribulations of teaching and training those closest, as well as those guarding the Prince, but contracts must be honored, and as the Prince of Ebon Rih, Lucivar must resign himself to his duties over the people’s of Ebon Rih. Preventing blood-shed and keeping the community together, Lucivar must reign in his love for family and exact a posture where no one will question his authority.


Family’s storyline involves Sylvia and her young boys. Targeted by predators, Sylvia suffers greatly at the hands of a would-be assassin, her children are missing and Beron’s vocal chords are all but destroyed to prevent him from speaking out about what he saw. But healing the body is difficult and healing the mind can be worse. Daemon and Jaenelle make it their mission to exact revenge for the Queen of Halaway, and Saetan’s love for a friend, will break your heart


The High Lord’s Daughter is the culmination of a build-up towards an end. Whether this particular novella is the end, or the answer to so many questions, but for many it wasn’t what everyone expected.

Jaenelle is Witch, and therefore not one of the long-lived races, and in the opening lines, we discover that Jaenelle has died following 70 years with Daemon. Daemon has difficulty with the loss of his wife and mate, but made a promise to Jaenelle to end his period of mourning following one year, is met with trepidation and sorrow.

17 years later, Daemon still suffers the anguish and heartbreak of Jaenelle’s death, and comes to the realization that his father has suffered as well. Saetan Sa Diablo, the Highlord of Hell, has chosen to become one of the demon-dead and finally entering the final death. But secrets reveal that Daemon has not been as honest with the others as well, and his position of The High Lord comes as a surprise to everyone.

Seeking solace through their loss Surreal and Daemon find comfort in each other’s arms, but fate plays a role, when Surreal discovers she is pregnant with Daemon’s daughter. Never having children with Jaenelle, and worried that Surreal will not grant parental rights at her Birthright Ceremony, Daemon risks the memory of Jaenelle, and asks Surreal for her hand in marriage.

The High Lord’s Daughter focuses on Daemon and Surreal’s daughter Jaenelle Saetien, named for both Jaenelle Angelline and Saetan Sa Diablo. Laughing through the trials of raising a young witch, who has many of the same qualities and abilities as the former Jaenelle we watch as the kindred gather once again, and a secret friend whispers of powers beyond her years. Worried that Jaenelle Saetien is the re-incarnation of Daemon’s true love, Surreal must ask the question of Tersa, and come to the realization that Jaenelle Saetien may be more than just a witch….but Dreams Made Flesh…the dreams of Daemon, the dreams of Surreal and the dreams of Witch.

Twilight’s Dawn will be released in paperback March 2012

Reviewed by Sandy

The Reading Cafe has a discovered a wonderful artist, who has agreed to allow us to post her wonderful artwork on many of the Black Jewels characters. Over the next few days, we will be adding Chanandra’s work to some of our reviews. Thank you, Chanandra for your fabulous work, which in itself is a tribute to Anne Bishop.

















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