Two Wrongs, One Right (Come Undone #3) by Katee Robert-a review

TWO WRONGS, ONE RIGHT (Come Undone #3) by Katee Robert-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release August 12, 2013

Eight years ago, former Army sergeant Nathan Schultz let the love of his life disappear without a fight. After watching everyone around him find happiness while he slipped further away, he’s finally ready to fight for Chelsea Callaghan—and he’s not afraid to play dirty.

Chelsea has always followed her conservative family’s rules—with one heartbreaking exception. When she receives an invitation to an old high school friend’s wedding, she knows who’s to blame. Though she goes solely to give Nathan a piece of her mind, he blackmails her into staying the entire week. With him.

There’s no way she’ll bow to Nathan’s will without making him pay. Unfortunately, revenge is a dish best served fully clothed, and they can’t be in the same room without losing theirs. As insatiable, anger-fueled lust shifts into something more, they begin to lose sight of why they can’t be together. But with so many unforgivable wrongs between them, can Nathan and Chelsea ever make things right?


REVIEW: TWO WRONGS, ONE RIGHT is the third storyline in Katee Robert’s contemporary romance series focusing on the lives and loves of a group of twenty something friends. This is Nathan and Chelsea’s storyline. We were first introduced to Nathan and his brother Gabe in Gabe’s book -Wrong Bed, Right Guy – and this particular storyline comes full circle as the family and friends gather for Gabe and Elle’s wedding celebration. Although this is the third book in the series, Two Wrongs, One Right can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty.

As the family and friends gather for the wedding celebration, Nathan has invited an old flame to his brother’s wedding with an ulterior motive in the plans. Chelsea and Nathan go back eight years and in those ensuing eight years, neither one has forgotten the other. But Chelsea believes Nathan ran those eight years ago and she hasn’t been able to forgive him since.

Nathan is a man whose family life has not always been happy. Following the death of his beloved mother, Nathan was unable to control his grief or anger and decided that the army would be his best recourse to dampen the pain and push aside the memories. But Nathan forgot that there was one person he would be leaving behind and when Chelsea begged him to stay, Nathan walked without looking back.

Two Wrongs, One Right is a story of second chances as Nathan tries to mend the broken fences and bridges that lead back to the only woman he has ever loved. Along the way, Chelsea has discovered that she is an independent woman, in her own right, and Nathan’s presence will affect more than just her personal life but her family’s as well. But Chelsea is defenseless against Nathan’s charms and what took her eight years to forget comes back to her in a matter of a few heartbeats and breaths.

The storyline is fast-paced and predictable with a HEA. The re-building of the relationship will see a few stumbles when Chelsea misreads Nathan’s attempts at making things right. The characters are all relatable in a contemporary romantic storyline where most of the secondary characters could be anyone or someone from our own lives-that is, of course, if we all knew artists, photographers, night club owners and wedding planners.

The relationship between Nathan and Chelsea is palpable: hot, sensual and passionate. You know that there is some major history between the pair, and Nathan makes no apologies for his attempt at trying to win back Chelsea at all costs.

If you like a sweet, contemporary romance storyline with a HEA, Two Wrongs, One Right is the perfect read for a lazy afternoon. And, although I did mention that this particular book can be read as a stand-alone, I would suggest starting at the beginning to get a feel for the build up of the storyline and just where our hero has been.

1. Wrong Bed, Right Guy
2. Chasing Mr. Right
3. Two Wrongs, One Right

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review Sandy! Sometimes I am in the mood to read a fast paced “normal” book. I will keep this author in mind for the future. Fall is here, and I find that to be my favorite time of year….probably because it is the beginning of the off season where I work, and I actually have time to read again. 🙂

    I like the witty titles for this series.

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