Uncaged (Corps Security 3.5) by Harper Sloan- a review

Uncaged (Corps Security 3.5) by Harper Sloan-a review


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UNCAGED (Corps Security 3.5) by Harper Sloan

ABOUT THE BOOK: Released March 11, 2014

Greg Cage’s life is more fulfilling than he ever could have imagined. He’s married to the love of his life, has an amazing son, and in a few short months, his family will grow again with the birth of his twin girls.

The past year has been a tough one for the Cage family, but they are now on the road to healing by learning to let go of the past and looking forward to their future.

When situations beyond his control threaten to take away so much of what Greg holds close to his heart, he has to learn that he doesn’t always have the control he tries to maintain in their lives. Will he be able to handle the stress of knowing his wife and newborn daughters are beyond his protection?

Join the Cage family as they embark on yet another one of life’s journeys with a rambunctious four-year-old, pregnancy complications, and the fear of the unknown.

Will the love that Greg and Melissa share hold true as they fight to overcome the obstacles that face them?

UNCAGED is not a standalone. It is a continuation of CAGE. It is recommended that you read the first 3 books in the series before UNCAGED.


REVIEW: UNCAGED is the latest instalment in Harper Sloan’s adult, contemporary CORPS SECURITY erotic series focusing on a group of former marines and the women they love. This is the continuing story of Greg ‘Cage’ and Melissa Larson. At the end of book 2 CAGE, Greg and Melissa has expanded their family by adopting Melissa’s nephew Cohen and discovering that that they are expecting a child of their own. The storyline advances the series by approximately one year but oh, the epilogue, is another story, all together.

UNCAGED is an erotic storyline that looks at two people who have survived the loss of family; the loss of friends and now the possibility of losing everything in a matter of a few seconds. Greg Cage is first and foremost a protector and when the unthinkable occurs, Cage is a man lost in a world of sorrow, heartbreak and the hopelessness of the unknown. Without the ability to control the outcome, a once strong and powerful man caves to the possibility that life as he knows it is about to end.

Told from three distinct first person POV-Cage, Melissa and Cohen-the world building continues with the inclusion of the Corps Security team and their mates as well as their flamboyant neighbor Sway and the love of his life Davey. Four year old Cohen comes front and center as his world is about to change but it is the epilogue that will have you shaking your head with what’s in store for the future.

Harper Sloan pulls the reader into a storyline where the possibility of a HEA is in question; where the Corps team is helpless to protect; and where the strength of friendship and family is the one thing on which you can depend. The relationship between Melissa and Cage continues to be sensual, sexual and erotic. Cage is a man possessed by one woman and this possession may very well be his ultimate undoing.

UNCAGED is a fast paced story but does not leave the reader with whiplash. The storyline feels complete without the rush of many novellas where the author is too quick to the finish. There is a definitive beginning, middle and end. And like the blurb says, this is not a stand alone novella-you must read the first three storylines to understand the premise and everything that has come before.

Reading Order
1. Axel
2. Cage
3. Beck
4. Uncaged
5. Cooper (2014)
6. Locke (2014)

Reviewed by Sandy


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