Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

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The Amoveo Legend #5
by Sara Humphreys
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Genre: paranormal, shifters, romance,


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UNCLAIMED (The Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 3, 2013

Tatiana Winters, from the Timber Wolf clan, is a spirited veterinarian who wants nothing to do with the Amoveo—the ancient race of shape-shifters who live secretly among humans. But when the Amoveo Prince’s horses fall sick, Tatiana reluctantly heads to his ranch to help.

When she meets Dominic Trejada, a handsome warrior from the Tiger Clan, they instantly clash and sparks ignite. But when danger stalks near, they will have to find a way to trust each other if they want to stay alive.(less)


REVIEW: UNCLAIMED is the fifth full length novel (and sixth storyline) in Sara Humphreys adult, contemporary paranormal series-The Amoveo Legend. The Amoveo are an ancient race of telepathic, dream walking animal shape shifters and this is Tatiana and Dominic’s story. With the continuing war between the Purists, the Caedo family and the Amoveo, no shifter is safe from the puritanical minds of those hoping to keep the species pure.

The storyline focuses on an attack against the royal horses in the protected compound of the Amoveo. Already on high alert after several abduction and murders by the Purists and the Caedo family, the Amoveo hope to get answers from hybrid wolf-shifter and veterinarian Tatiana Winters. With Tatiana’s sister already mated to an Amoveo male, it is only a matter of time before Tatiana is claimed by the man who has been walking in her dreams. Dominic is a pure Tiger shifter and his beast has been searching for his mate for a very long time. Amoveo shifters who have not found their mate by the age of thirty, begin to lose their abilities to shift and will eventually walk the earth in human form-and Dominic is one year from his thirtieth birthday.

Tatiana knows she is a hybrid female but wants nothing to do with a domineering Amoveo male who by fate and DNA will lay claim to the woman who will save the beast. As the storyline unfolds it becomes clear that Dominic and Tatiana are meant for one another but Tatiana’s human side still remains defiant until the end. And in the end, everyone will be placed in danger when it is discovered that one of their own may be responsible for the attacks against the horses and threats against the Amoveo and their mates.

The relationship between Tatiana and Dominic is one that is tempered by Tatiana’s reluctance to admit she is Dominic’s mate. As an independent, talented and educated female Tatiana wants nothing to do with a controlling mate and especially not one who is Amoveo and pure alpha male. But once their relationship moves into the final phase, the sexual attraction and heat is evident and it will take all of Tatiana’s will not to succumb to the powers of her intended mate. Hoping to walk away without a backwards glance, Tatiana will discover that she has lost her heart to a man who is willing to die to protect the woman he loves.

Sara Humphreys continues Steven’s story and one that will break your heart when you realize that perhaps it was never meant to be. But fate can be a cruel SOB and Steven will know heartache and pain once again when the reality of his situation will come crashing into the compound in the form of a betrayer and someone with connections to the Purists.

UNCLAIMED is a storyline where the Amoveo males know that there is someone that calls to the beast; a female that completes his life; and a mate that will save his soul. Each instalment finds a different male hoping to find the one only to discover that the ‘one’ isn’t ready to go willingly or peacefully into his life. There will always be a struggle when the male exerts his dominance over his mate but in the end it will be his fated female that has control over the Amoveo heart of her mate. Sara Humphreys writes a fascinating series that will pull you in every time.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy

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Evolution of a Romance Hero by Sara Humphreys

There’s one quality that all of my romance heros must have–they have got to evolve. I don’t want to use the word change becuase we all know that it’s a disaster to try and change someone but I do want my heros to evolve.

What’s the difference?

To me, change implies a total overhaul and that a character becomes fundamentally different. For example, a carnivore suddenly changes to an avid herbivore. Can you imagine a T-Rex that one day decides berries taste way better than the carcass he was noshing on the day before? Crazy isn’t it?

Well, to me, that’s change.

Evolution, on the other hand, means that there are certain inherent qualities within someone and it just takes certain influences to bring these characteristics to the forefront.

In UNCLAIMED, Dominic, a pureblood Amoveo Tiger Clan shifter, is unwaveringly bound to his position as Guardian of the Amoveo royal family ranch. He is blind to most anything other than his job and that is his sole focus. Deep beneath that grouchy, short-tempered, scar-faced surface is a sensitive soul but the weight of his responsibilities keeps his sensitivity buried deep. He often equated sensitivity with weakness and a Guardian can be anything but weak.

However, when he meets Tatiana, the half-Amoveo wolf shifter, that tough exterior begins to crack.

It starts with the need to protect her, the same way he protects the others on the ranch but it doesn’t stop there. Dominic expands his world as he begins to put Tatiana, and her needs, ahead of his own. His evolution takes him outside of himself and his duties. His love for Tatiana and his desire to see her happy, outweighs his need to be the best Guardian. Yes, he still protects his people and takes his position seriously, but his life is no longer only about what he wants.

I love watching characters, heros in particular, learn to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I think it’s looking at life via that new perpsective that allows people–fictional and real alike– to evolve.

Dream on….

Sara ~~

About the Author

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Sara Humphreys


Sara has been a lover of both the paranormal and romance novels for years. Her sci-fi/fantasy/romance obsession began years ago with the TV Series STAR TREK and an enormous crush on Captain Kirk. That sci-fi obsession soon evolved into the love of all types of fantasy/paranormal; vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and of course shape shifters.

Sara is married to her college sweetheart, Will. They live in New York with their 4 boys and 2 insanely loud dogs. Life is busy but never dull.


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43 thoughts on “Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

  1. Super review, Sandy. I am now adding this series to my tbr, which unfortunately is so high, I’m not sure what lifetime I will catch up. But I do know I want to read this series.

    Wonderful Guest Post, Sara. I like your explanation of Changing or Evolving.

  2. Thanks you Sara for the great guest post and even greater series. It is always our pleasure at The Reading Cafe to host and promote one of your books and series.

    Congratulations on the new release.

  3. I have never heard of this author before today! However, I do like the storyline of her books so I would like enter the contest for this book while I go hunt up the rest of them. Looks like I might found a new author to read. *grin*

  4. I have this book and truly loved it. So please don’t enter me to win as I have it already. I have been following the series and it just keeps getting better. Poor Steven I am hoping his book is next. Great review Sandy. Thanks for coming by Sara and waiting patiently for the next Vampire book. LOL

  5. I love the wording in the review. I haven’t read any of the books but I have to read so I can find out about Steven and his woes! lol I hate to see a good man betrayed.

    Sara, I loved how you used the term evolve instead of change regarding your characters. Something to really think about with the trials and tribualtions our heros go through to protect and claim their fated mates. Adding to my TBR list.

  6. Wonderful review Sandy. Great series by Sara.

    Thanks for the guest post Sara. Always a pleasure to ‘hear’ about the author’s thought processes etc.

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