UNCONTROLLABLE (Nature of Grace #2) by S.R.Johannes-a review

UNCONTROLLABLE (Nature of Grace #2) by S.R.Johannes

UNCONTROLLABLE is the second instalment and September 24, 2012 release in S.R.Johannes young adult Nature of Grace series. Uncontrollable picks up approximately 3 months after Untraceable. Our heroine Grace has suffered many losses but life in the small town near the Smokey Mountains keeps getting worse-the few friends she had are barely talking, her mother is leaving for a new job and her BFF since childhood is refusing to acknowledge her existence. And when Agent Sweeney from the Fish and Wildlife Department returns to town, Grace is more than willing to help in the tracking of the endangered Red Wolf but someone or something is killing off the wolves and Grace is the next target. With the addition of two qualified trackers, Sweeney hopes that hunt will be short but they will soon find themselves in a fight for their lives.

Grace has always lived in the shadows of the Smokey Mountains. As an avid outdoors person, Grace was the first to volunteer to help track the recently released Red Wolves, but as part of a classroom assignment she would find herself grouped together with ex-bestie Wyn and his new girlfriend Sky. And to complicate matters, the weather was turning a bitter cold and snow storms were forecasted for the immediate future. And as you can guess, unqualified student help does not make for an easy or uneventful assignment. Students will go missing, wolves will be found dead and the realization that someone is still trying to end your life will find Grace the hero once again when she discovers the truth behind big business and the environment.

S.R. Johanne’s UNCONTROLLABLE is a well-written, fast-paced storyline that will keep you wondering with the turn of every page. Old friends will find each other in the most unlikely of circumstances only to lose out to a love that is stronger than anyone believed. And in saying that, the YA love triangle is ever present and frustrating, especially when both young men will tug at your heart and your soul. No one should have to suffer a broken heart. I am enjoying the Nature of Grace series and look forward to the next instalment by S.R. Johannes.

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