Undenied (Amoveo Legend #3.5) by Sara Humphries-a review

UNDENIED (Amoveo Legend #3.5) by Sara Humphreys-a review

UNDENIED is the latest novella (October 2, 2012 release) in Sarah Humphreys’s Amoveo Legend series focusing on 10 Amoveo ‘clans’ of animal shapeshifters.  Undenied is a FREE e-novella featuring Bengal tiger Boris Zankoff and his soon to be mate palm-reader Lilian Cordero.

Like many novellas, this storyline is a quick read, fast paced and doesn’t waste any time.  Lillian has always felt that she was a little strange with her psychic connections and her ability to read palms.  Her nightly dreams are haunted by a beautiful tiger who encourages her to come to New Orleans.  With nothing keeping her back, Lillian heads to New Orleans with $50 in her pocket and the wind at her back.  Without a place to stay, Lillian finds herself outside ‘The Den’ looking for somewhere to live.

Boris knows that his mate is near.  But with the Amoveo purists hunting down hybrids and human mates, Boris fears that when his all-too-human mate arrives she will be targeted for destruction.  His need to protect his mate will find him facing an enraged member of the purists who has Lillian in his sights.

UNDENIED is quick, fast, FREE and a little bit sexy.  If you have a few minutes at lunch, download UNDENIED and enjoy. 

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