UNTIL I DIE (Revenant #2) YA by Amy Plum-a new release review

UNTIL I DIE (Revenant #2) by Amy Plum

UNTIL I DIE (Revenant #2) YA by Amy Plum

UNTIL I DIE is the second book and new release (May 2012) in the Young Adult Revenant series by Amy Plum. Revenants are immortal, re-animated humans who feel the need to continuously sacrifice themselves to save humans. As part of their immortality, the Revenants must enter a once-monthly hibernation where their spirit becomes Volant and they have the ability to separate mind from body, and communicate with other Revenants.

Forging ahead several months, Kate and Vincent’s relationship has grown into one of love and longing, but a new threat has surfaced and this threat comes from one of their own. And Vincent’s desire to please Kate will force the couple to look into different options so that they will be able to spend a lifetime together without the recurring pain and threat of death.

It is New Year’s Eve in Paris, and the celebration is both happy and sad knowing fellow Revenants Charles and Charlotte must leave the Paris family home. Charles unexpected spiral into depression (following the death of a child) and subsequent exposure to the numa (species of Revenant turned evil), places the remaining Revenants at risk for future attacks, and as his twin, Charlotte will accompany her brother where ever he chooses to go. But replacements have already been procured, as we are introduced to Violette and Arthur-two of the oldest Revenants in Europe. Although the couple is well respected and admired, there is something that does not bode well for either Kate or her sister Georgia.

Violette and Arthur’s association with each other is a concern for Kate. Although as close as any family, there appears to be a continuous struggle for power, and one that Violette appears to be winning. But when Arthur appears to reject Kate’s membership as one of their own, it is Violette’s new friendship with Kate that will force the family to look closer into the lives of those they trust most.

At this point the ‘bad guy’ scenario is obvious, but not to the characters in the storyline. As a reader it can be slightly frustrating watching the story develop knowing what will happen next, but like the first book DIE FOR ME, the story is fast paced and there is rarely a moment to breathe. Amy Plum’s ability to keep the story moving is wonderful, especially in a Young Adult storyline where many other authors tend to focus on the ‘whoa is me’ and angst of the teenage relationships. Kate and Vincent’s relationship is touching. Vincent believes he has waited 90 years to find the love of his life, his soul-mate and he believes that his love is Kate. Their connection is true, not imagined but the inevitable and required deaths (as a Revenant) by Vincent writes like an unfolding tragedy. Yet knowing the pain it causes Vincent to reject his own death, Kate continues to search for a way to help prevent Vincent’s need to sacrifice over and over. But the search will place everyone, including her family, at risk from attack.

The lives and loves of the Revenants are revealed as the story progresses. Charlotte’s love for a fellow house-mate is unrequited, and with the realization that he may have feelings for another, Charlotte is willing to step aside and let nature take its course. Jean-Baptiste and Gaspard’s connection surprises Kate, and the death of a spouse will affect Kate and Vincent as it will mirror their future together. Georgia, although no longer welcome at the Home due to her prior relationship with the numa, will develop feelings for one of the elders, and we hope to see what Amy has in mind for another possible human/Revenant love. And Violette-well let’s say-looks and actions can be deceiving-even among family and friends.

UNTIL I DIE is a wonderful addition to Amy Plum’s Revenant series. The book closes on a cliff-hanger that will keep you guessing as to the truth about what really happened. I am looking forward to the final instalment-IF I SHOULD DIE-May 2013.

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3 thoughts on “UNTIL I DIE (Revenant #2) YA by Amy Plum-a new release review

  1. Hi Barb…this is an excellent YA series. The Book Depository was offering DIE FOR ME for under $5 last month, so I purchased the book based on some reviews.

    Then I ordered UNTIL I DIE, because DIE FOR ME was interesting and well written.

    I do recommend this series. It does not contain the normal ‘whoa is me’ teen angst, which is great and there is NO ‘love triangle’ to aggravate the reader. 😉

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