UNTRACEABLE (YA) by S.R. Johannes-a review

UNTRACEABLE (YA) by S.R. Johannes-a review

UNTRACEABLE (YA) by S.R. Johannes


UNTRACEABLE is a Young Adult novel best described as a mystery from the Nature of Grace series by S.R.Johannes. Following the disappearance of her father, 16 year old Grace refuses to give up the search. When the local law enforcement close the book and file the case under missing and presumed drowned, Grace makes it her mission to discover how an experienced forest ranger, such as her father, disappears without a trace and is presumed dead by his fellow employees and friends.

Growing up in the Smokey Mountains, Grace thought she knew everything and everyone who hiked through the hills and wooded areas. Searching for clues, Grace encounters Mo, a 17 year old, who claims to be a geology student studying the rock formations in the area. But when the pair stumble-upon 2 strangers hunting for bear, they soon become the prey. Escape is their only option, when the hunters set their guns and knives on two unsuspecting teens. But it is the realization that these hunters had no problem shooting humans as well as bears. 

Grace’s is determined to find out what happened to her father. Defying her ‘too often’ absent mother is easy, but getting past the sheriff will take some quick action and a plan. With her best friend Wyn as look out, Grace sneaks into the station, only to find, that the information about her missing father reveals more than she had ever thought.

Betrayal and sorrow will follow Grace throughout the storyline. Thinking you know someone only to find out they are at the centre of the controversy will break Grace’s heart as well as her faith in love and friendship. The death of her childhood pet will push Grace to look deeper into the mysterious strangers, but it is her friendships with Mo and Wyn that will suffer the most. Grace’s search for her father will be successful, but the revelation will only lead to more pain and suffering when the very people she thought were helping, are the very people who are responsible for so much sorrow.

Untraceable is a well-written novel. S.R.Johannes writes a compelling mystery with twists to the storyline that will keep you wondering. There is an underlying dark tale that involves death and murder, and at times goes beyond what I consider appropriate for a Young Adult novel. The physical violence and attempted murders is a regular occurrence and apparently goes unnoticed by both the locals and law enforcement throughout much of the story. Untraceable is a look at life in the wilderness and the people who call it home. I am looking forward to reading the next chapter in The Nature of Grace by S.R. Johannes

 Reviewed by Sandy

UNSPEAKABLE (YA) by S.R. Johannes-a review

UNSPEAKABLE (YA) by S.R. Johannes

UNSPEAKABLE is the Young Adult short-story (found In His Eyes anthology or on Smashwords) written by S.R. Johannes. The introduction to the Nature of Grace series, Unspeakable follows two lost souls as they wander the forests hoping to find something or someone, told from a different POV. The Nature of Grace series is told from the heroine’s POV but Unspeakable looks at life from another’s POV.

Written in first person POV, the reader follows through the eyes of the narrator while he walks the terrain of the forest and land. When he chances upon a wounded fawn caught in a trap, he soon realizes he may not be alone. Where there is a trap, the hunter is not too far behind.

But it is the sight of a beautiful young woman, wandering and taking note of the land, that captures his attention. When he returns the next day, hoping to find her again, he realizes the danger that she has quickly put herself in. Trapped by the hunters, the young woman soon becomes both prisoner and prey, and there must be something that he can do, to prevent the inevitable from happening.

Unspeakable is a quick read, basically a chapter in length that introduces some basic information about the Nature of Grace series. At this point, we are not privy to names or destinations, but as a prologue Unspeakable will leave you wanting for read what happens next

Reviewed by Sandy


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