Untwisted/Destroyed (Lost in Oblivion) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-Reviews

UNTWISTED / DESTROYED (Lost in Oblivion ) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-Reviews


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ABOUT THE BOOK: May 12, 2015

Only one woman has ever refused him…and she’s the only one he wants.

Now that he’s successful beyond his wildest dreams with his band Oblivion, Simon Kagan is happy to enjoy his all-access pass to the groupie train. After getting more fists in the ribs than hugs growing up, he discovers having a warm female in his bed is an easy way to escape the loneliness.

Until Margo.

From the moment the classy, buttoned up violinist entered his sphere, he knew she was different. After one amazing night in the studio, he feels like he’s finally connected with someone on a deeper level—only to have her walk away without a backward glance.

As a member of the Boston Symphony orchestra, Margo Reece’s life revolves around the regimented structure of a second chair violinist. But Simon’s uncanny ability to crawl into a song and create a smoky, sin-filled experience translated into the hottest night of her life. She walked away afterward because that’s what she was supposed to do.

And Margo always does what she’s supposed to.

Until Simon.

When she’s called on again to blend her sound with Oblivion’s, she has to make the decision to play it safe or let her wild side free. Especially when her first meeting with Simon shows that sometimes rigidly contained passions create the most dangerous sparks…


REVIEW: DESTROYED is the third full length installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, new adult LOST IN OBLIVION erotic romance rock series focusing on the members of the rock band Oblivion. This is lead singer and front man Simon Kagan, and classical violinist Margo Reece’s storyline-a second chance for two people who never forgot the one that got away.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Simon and Margo) DESTROYED follows the rebuilding of a relationship; a friendship between Simon and Margo that was all but destroyed following a one night stand wherein Margo walked away without a backwards glance. What ensues is sexually tense and continuously toxic confrontations between our leading couple. From name calling to disgust, Margo and Simon have issues whenever either one is in the same room with the other. Margo is about to head out on tour, to accompany the band on stage, and in this neither Simon or Nick are thrilled with the prospect: Nick doesn’t like change and Simon’s attraction to Margo finds our leading singer in a precarious predicament.

The relationship between Margo and Simon is fraught with bitter memories of their one night together. Margo wanted Simon but walked away knowing that Simon would never settle for one woman, and Simon found himself wondering where it all went wrong. Fast forward several months and Simon has tried to forget Margo and her curvaceous body. Our hero’s reputation as a manwhore is not without some disappointing moments. Sex and alcohol are Simon’s vises-he is a sexual beast both on and off the stage. Coming face to face with his past finds Simon’s aggression towards Margo amplified by the return of a former bandmate. The $ex scenes are graphic, intense, dramatic, sometimes combative, and bold. The sexual tension is palpable but their tug –o-war, and cat and mouse games of ‘want you/want you not’ was frustrating. The back and forth was continuous; I felt the romance was missing-it was all about the $ex and in this the love connection was almost non existent. At this point I never thought I would see Simon Kagan settle down.

LOST IN OBLIVION is an ensemble series. All of the previous storylines characters and members of the band play a secondary and supporting role throughout the novel. Jazz and Harper’s pregnancies have advanced wherein Gray and Deacon have just about lost their minds as it pertains to the impending births of their first born children. The band’s popularity has made OBLIVION a star on the rock and roll circuit; and Snake comes back looking for his piece of the pie.

DESTROYED does not end with a happily ever after but a cliffhanger that will focus on Simon’s future and the band’s past. Lost in Oblivion is gritty, graphic and not without some controversial moments but it is a series about rock and roll, and the lifestyle that is conducive to controversy and trouble-sex, drugs, alcohol, infighting with the band, and of course, their public image and private lives. I am a fan of Quinn and Elliott’s LOST IN OBLIVION series, but not a fan of the drawn out, back and forth between a couple whose need for one another is dangerous and dark. I want some romance in my romance storylines but the gritty reality of fame pushes love and romance down the list of priorities and wants.

Reviewed by Sandy


Lost in Oblivion 2.5
by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott
Release Date: February 12, 2015

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Falling in love was easy…figuring out the rhythm of being a couple, not so much.

Now that they’ve pressed play, life is going way too fast for Gray Duffy and Jazz Edwards. A super hot video has boosted their band Oblivion’s popularity even higher, and suddenly Gray and Jazz are the reigning prince and princess of rock. But as their private wedding ceremony in their most special place approaches, they realize they can’t go forward without facing their roots.

With new family members coming into the mix and old unresolved dramas coming to a head, one thing is for sure—the harder they rock, the bigger the drop.


REVIEW: UNTWISTED is the latest novella in Cari Quinn’s and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult LOST IN OBLIVION erotic romance series focusing on the members of the rock back Lost in Oblivion. UNTWISTED is Jazz Edwards and Gray Duffy’s continuing story.

Planning a surprise wedding for he and Jazz, Gray didn’t count on Jazz’s estranged seventeen year old half sister showing up in the mix. When Jazz got a letter a few days earlier from Molly, asking if they could meet, it was all Gray could do not to surmise that Molly wanted money based on the timing and the media information. And true to his assumptions, Molly was everything and more that Gray had suspected-now if he could only convince Molly to walk away and never look back.

The storyline follows Jazz and Gray in the few days prior to their ‘surprise’ wedding. Jazz wants to meet her long lost sister and Gray wants nothing more than to marry the woman that he loves. Things go from bad to worse when Jazz walks away after hearing the truth behind Molly’s attempt to reconcile and Gray’s attempts to get Molly out of their life.

The $ex scenes are seductive, provocative and a little bit exploratory-Jazz and Gray’s hotel offers a married couple’s kink package !!

The world building continues to follow LOST IN OBLIVION as they work on their next album; Gray’s foray into writing and mixing it up with another band; and the need to provide a stable environment for the next generation.

UNTWISTED is a storyline that adds a new dimension to Jazz and Gray’s relationship- a sister from the past who is no longer the baby girl Jazz remembers. All of the previous storyline couples and members of the band are present as well as Gray’s mother who is beginning to accept the choices Gray has made in his life.

Once again, Cari and Taryn get up close and personal with the members of the band; their loves; and the people in their lives.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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0.5 Seduced
1.0 Rocked
1.5 Rock, Rattle and Roll
2.0 Twisted
2.5 Untwisted
3.0 Destroyed
4.0 Shattered


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