VAMPIRE DREAMS REVAMPED (Sons of Navarus 0.5) by Gabrielle Bisset-a review

VAMPIRE DREAMS REVAMPED (Sons of Navarus 0.5) by Gabrielle Bisset- a review

VAMPIRE DREAMS-Revamped (Sons of Navarus prequel) by Gabrielle Bisset

NOTE: Series contains mature adult content

VAMPIRE DREAMS is the prequel novella (July 2012 release) to Gabrielle Bissett’s Sons of Navarus series. Brandon Riley was a 200 year old vampire who had yet to sire another. Lonely in a world full of vampires and humans, Brandon thought he finally found the one he could make his own. Brandon wanted to find love.

Arden Stephens was homeless. Following the death of her father, she was left penniless with no experience or hope. Trying to make a life on the streets was next to impossible, yet when a complete stranger saved her from a stalker, Arden couldn’t refuse his offer of a job. But something about her new employer was different. And every night her dreams were becoming increasingly sexual and Brandon figured prominently in every one.

Vasilije is Brandon’s sire. For over 200 years, Brandon was Vasilije’s favorite. Cruel and sadistic, Vasilije needed his connection to Brandon and refused to allow Brandon the one thing he wanted more than anything else.

VAMPIRE DREAMS-REVAMPED is a short story that introduces Vasilije, an ancient vampire who has sired many vampires over the years. The Sons of Navarus series will focus on Vasilije and the vampires of The Sons of Navarus. The storylines are both sensual and erotic, with a little gothic horror to keep the vampire genre alive.

1. Vampire Dreams Revamped
2. Blood Avenged
3. Blood Betrayed
4. Blood Spirit

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Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “VAMPIRE DREAMS REVAMPED (Sons of Navarus 0.5) by Gabrielle Bisset-a review

  1. It sounds like these vampire sires long life have made them cruel. They truly need a quest. The Prophecy of Idolas sounds like it’ll save The Sons Of Navarus in more that one way. I’m really looking forward to reading this series.

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