Vampire Vacation by CJ Ellisson-a review

Vampire Vacation (The V.V. Inn #1) and Just One Taste by CJ Ellison-a review

VAMPIRE VACATION (The V.V.Inn Book 1) by C.J.Ellisson

NOTE: Series contains Mature Adult Content

VAMPIRE VACATION is the first book in C.J.Ellisson’s V.V.Inn series focusing on the adventures of Vivian Alexandria-a 580+ year old ancient vampire with a special ability. Located in Alaska, the V.V.Inn caters to the supernatural side of humanity including vampires and werewolves, where Vivian makes all of their fantasies come true ala Fantasy Island. Vivian is the epitome of sexual desire and oozes enough sex appeal to invoke the imaginations of the guests. But Vivian specializes in manipulation, and her ability makes the guests see and hear, what she wants them to see. As the only remaining ‘manipulator’ of her kind, Vivian aka Dria has the power to control even the most ancient and her past history as an enforcer has placed her on the top of the feeding chain when it comes to power and fear. But not everyone is happy with Vivian’s success.

Vivian’s long time mate and husband Rafe stands beside his wife at all times. Although he is not a supernatural, Rafe consumes enough vampire blood to keep up with his wife’s demands and very busy lifestyle. Without a Seethe, Vivian is virtually a one-woman machine. She has never felt the need to accumulate vampires or servants to follow her every command. But events at the V.V.Inn have turned fatal when a dead body is found in one of the guest rooms, and no one can account for his identity and how he was able to find his way into the Inn unnoticed. Security at the Inn will have to be updated and increased, and a new member will soon be added to Vivian’s small family at the Inn.

Several factors begin to fall into place, when Vivian begins to notice that some of her new guests are hiding secrets. But with her powers, she will eventually discern the identity and what precipitated the dead man’s appearance. And what Vivian finds will send shock waves through the Inn.

Jonathan is a werewolf who has worked with Vivian and Rafe for 7 years. Knowing Vivian is happily mated to Rafe, has not stopped Jon’s feelings for the ancient vampire. Never mated, Jon was hoping that perhaps Vivian would change her mind, but Rafe and Vivian’s relationship is based on love and no matter the circumstances, Rafe will always come first with Vivian.

We are introduced to several of the Inn’s employees including Paul the chef-one of the few humans who has not requested that he be a donor. But Paul has a family and does not wish to risk their lives, so he prefers to keep his personal and private life separate. But events at the Inn will place everyone in danger when the person suspected of murder begins to attack those closest to Vivian and her family.

In the end, Vivian will have the Seethe she never wanted and Rafe will be happier with the security recommendations of an ex-military soldier who now spends his life as the undead. Vivian is a heroine who knows what she wants, takes no prisoners and tells it like it is. Vampire Vacation is a great start to C.J. Ellisson’s The V.V. Inn series, and I am looking forward to all of her books.

Reviewed by Sandy


JUST ONE TASTE is a pre-quel short story, approximately one chapter in length and focuses on Vivian as she re-unites with Rafe after more than a decade apart. At the present we are not sure what has happened between the two, but there is a definite sexual attraction and one that Vivian (aka Dria) does not want to pursue.

Dria is a 580year old female vampire with the special ability to manipulate reality, and an ability that is far too powerful in many eyes. But JUST ONE TASTE does not reflect the power that Dria can wield especially when a man from her past needs a place to stay for the night. Raphael was a young 17year old boy when Dria walked away from his mother’s ‘yoga’ studio but the attraction between the couple has never waivered in all those years. Rafe has apparently sought out Dria, and is willing to take their ‘friendship’ to the next level.

JUST ONE TASTE is exactly that-just one taste or small snippet – a quick look back to when Dria and Rafe first re-connected. Now that they are husband and wife, their adventures at the Vampire Inn continue with each storyline. If I am not mistaken, CJ’s new novel will focus on the backstory (pre-quel) of Vivian and Rafe.

Reading Order
1. Vampire Vacation
2. The Hunt
3. Big Game
4. Just One Taste (prequel)

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. Vampire Vacation sounds like a must read for me. I think I bought it yesterday or the day before to help out CJ. For those of you interested, the e copy of the book is on sale at Amazon. go get it. 🙂

  2. Great review Sandy!! I’ve read about this book somewhere before and it sounds like something I’d enjoy. Onto the TBR list it goes…………… =)

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