WAKE ( Watersong Series #1 ) by Amanda Hocking-a review

WAKE (Watersong Series #1 ) by Amanda Hocking -a review

WAKE (The Watersong Series 1) by Amanda Hocking

WAKE is the first novel (August 7, 2012 release) in Amanda Hocking’s new Watersong series. A Young Adult paranormal storyline, Amanda once again delves into the fantasies of many young minds and the results are something new and different. WAKE follows the life of 16 year old Gemma-a beautiful young woman on the verge of finding her way in life. A champion swimmer, Gemma dreams of one day making the Olympic swim team, but it is the call of the ocean, that pulls at Gemma’s soul. Every night Gemma heads to Anthemusa Bay to commune with the sea. But it is not only the water that calls to Gemma.

Living in a seaside resort town, the appearance of strangers is nothing new during the summer months and an unlikely trio of beautiful women, is making their presence known. Most of the residents find the women eerily creepy which adds to the already nervous environment when the reports continue to build about the missing local men and women. And when one of the missing is one of their own, the headlines are no longer just a story.

Gemma and Harper are sisters. Following an accident that claimed their mother’s mind, Harper has felt the need to mother both her sister Gemma and their father Brian. But Harper’s overprotective nature was in overdrive. Gemma’s nightly swims were becoming more frequent and stretched beyond the normal time, and now that their neighbor Alex was interested in Gemma, Harper felt it necessary to curtail Gemma’s excursions. But when Gemma does not return home after a midnight swim, Harper fears the worse.

Gemma was curious about the 3 mysterious but gorgeous women who have become an oddity and an attraction. Their nightly dancing and singing was calling to Gemma, like the ocean called to her soul, like a siren’s call. And meeting these women would change Gemma’s life forever. Waking up alone on the beach, with no memory of what has occurred, Gemma will soon realize that what lies ahead is nothing she had ever thought possible.

We are introduced to Daniel, a 20year old man with interests in Harper. Daniel lives on a boat in the harbor and tries to warn Gemma that the sisters are not what they appear. Alex is Harper’s long time friend and Gemma’s new boyfriend. But as the summer months will soon lead to college, Harper isn’t thrilled that her younger sister is now involved with the young man. A summer romance can lead to a broken heart-and the heart that will be broken is not necessarily Gemma’s. But there are bigger and scarier things ahead for Gemma than preparing for college.

WAKE is an interesting storyline and the premiere novel in Hocking’s Watersong series. There is some graphic content as it pertains to the eating habits of the beautiful ‘women’. A different look at the paranormal, which borders on the side of fantasy, Wake will introduce a recent paranormal newcomer to the young adult fictional world of characters. Like most YA storylines, our heroine must make a choice to save the boy she loves and with that choice a few tears. Congratulations to Amanda on another successful Young Adult series. Lullaby is the second storyline in the Watersong series-release date November 2012.

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “WAKE ( Watersong Series #1 ) by Amanda Hocking-a review

  1. Great review, Sandy. Interesting concept of what lies in the water that calls to Gemma. So who is the heroine Gemma or Harper, or both. lol

    Amanda Hocking has done very well for herself self publishing, and the reviews you have done prior to this one was very successful. I understand Wake is the first published novel (publisher) and is expected to do very well. She does have a very active imagination.

  2. Great review, Sandy. I read the first book of the Trylle series. Unfortunately I have not been able to continue it as of yet. I do want to, so I will post on the interview to have a chance to win the wonderful giveaway.

    I plan to buy Wake shortly.

  3. Another wonderful review. So many books to add to my growing pile. One day I will have the chance to read ALL of the books 😉

    So…no spoilers…but is Gemma a mermaid??

  4. Looks like Gemma’s on her way to a grand but dangerous adventure. Hoping Harper doesn’t miss a opportunity to fall in love with Daniel and feel young at heart for awhile.

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