Waking The Witch (WOTO #11) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

WAKING THE WITCH (WOTO #11) by Kelley Armstrong- a review

Waking The Witch

January 2013 is the eleventh month in moonlightgleam.com Women of the Otherworld (by Kelley Armstrong) reading challenge. Each month, participating sites post a review of the scheduled storyline. This month’s challenge is: WAKING THE WITCH


WAKING THE WITCH is the 11th full-length storyline in Kelley Armstrong’ s Women of the Otherworld series. The final three books in the WOTO series focuses on the now adult Savannah Levine and the loss of her witch powers, the investigation into the dark arts and the rise of demons that want to take over the world.

Savannah was first introduced in STOLEN-the second storyline in Kelley’s WOTO series. A then 12 year old orphaned witch, daughter of Dark Witch Eve Levine and Cabal Sorcerer Kristof Nash, Savannah struggled with her powers, her guardians and her attraction and love for half-demon Adam Vasic. Now a grown woman, Savannah knows who she wants but there are too many road blocks standing in her way.

Savannah is now a beautiful 21year old woman, and in this particular storyline, she agrees to investigate the mysterious deaths of two women, the only problem, the deaths are some-how supernaturally related and Savannah will suffer the consequences in more ways than one. A friend will die, another will seemingly pull away and her powers will become part of a bargain.

WAKING THE WITCH is the beginning of the end for the Women of the Otherworld series. The final three storylines follow Savannah as she must literally prevent the rise of Lucifer and the end of the world. If you are a fan of Kelley’s werewolves, the final three stories are a major departure. At one point I thought Kelley was preparing for the spin-off series featuring Savannah as the lead character when the entire focus of the last three books was Savannah.

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