WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS (The Shadow Keepers #6) by J.K.Beck

When Temptation Burns (The Shadow Keepers #6) by J.K. Beck

WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS (Shadow Keepers #6) by JK Beck

WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS is the sixth novel and July 31 2012 release in JK Beck’s Shadow Keepers series. The Shadow Keepers series focuses on the lives and loves of various supernatural beings. Many are members of the elite Division 6 and the Preternatural Enforcement Coalition (PEC) who police their own. Trying desperately to stay below the human radar, Division 6 and the PEC bring in those supernaturals who refuse to abide by the law.

Ryan Doyle is a paradaemon-half human/half daemon with the power to extract information from the minds of the recently deceased. Called in whenever a murder victim is a preternatural being, Ryan is able to extricate the information from the victim, but sometimes they arrive at the scene when it is too late. But when a terrified werewolf is found dying from multiple wounds and colloidal silver poisoning, the PEC knows this is not a random attack. He was one of their operatives trying to gather information on a rapidly expanding group hoping to destroy and take down the unnatural demons that inhabit the earth.

Andrea (Andy) Tarrent is a preacher’s daughter but also a very gifted reporter. One of the few women able to interview and report about a serial killer who was brutally raping and killing young woman, Andy found herself suddenly the target of the PEC (and more specifically Doyle) when the killer revealed his connection to the supernatural world. And Andy’s father is a firm believer that demons roam the world devouring and destroying everything they touch.

Andy’s introduction into the supernatural world is fast and immediate when she finds herself at a party sponsored by the people hoping to expose the vampires and weres. And she is further shocked when her father is a card-carrying member. But it is Doyle’s presence that both confuses and concerns Andy, especially when there is an attraction to each other that neither can resist.

As an undercover operative, Doyle is torn-revealing his true identity to Andy could mean compromising the investigation. But when they find themselves under fire, Doyle’s daemon will surface and it is Andy who is more than willing to help the man who saved her life.

Paul is the leader of the LA movement hoping to expose and take down the PEC. But Paul has a darker side that will eventually put everyone that Andy loves in danger. Hoping to recruit an army of warriors, Paul is willing to use any available method, including a serial killer with the information on the whereabouts of the PEC and Division 6. But when Doyle is taken hostage, it will be Andy and her father that will pay the price for their betrayal to the movement.

WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS is a great addition to JK Beck’s Shadow Keepers series. A well-written, fast paced storyline, Ryan Doyle has finally found the mate that has alluded him for so many years or 6 novels-whichever you chose.

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Reviewed by Sandy


16 thoughts on “WHEN TEMPTATION BURNS (The Shadow Keepers #6) by J.K.Beck

  1. Damn this one sounds good too. Why, why, or why do you do this to me Sandy, why????????? Another book to add to my ever growing list. Thanks hun, great review. 😉

    • i think we need to win the lottery. then quit our jobs, come here, and read read read. It might just take that long to catch up. but then again, we get so many good books a week, so is it possible to catch up. ummmm

      lets give it a shot. we drink coffee in the morning or tea and read. drink margaritas lunch and dinner and read. lol

      • LOL Barb, I love your plan, sounds great to me. Now if only we could win the lottery and do just that. I have to agree with you though, we may never catch up with our reading, as you said we keep learning about more and more great reads everyday. If we don’t win the lottery in the near future, can we still do the tea and Margarita parts at least? It will help me get through the rest of my summer at work. 😉

  2. Well Sandy do you feel like your being picked on .lol

    Another great review on both books i just read ,and yes it is your fault that my pad of paper is close to the end and now my pen has run dry .I have to say CP Disability does not pay extra for the pens and paper . Sorry i’m just letting you know . Maybe a book that sucks and i don’t want to read would be nice ,better yet just fake a sucky book please
    lol ok my brain is fried i just read 2 525 pg. book J.R. Wards and now Kenyon ‘s Born of Silence is 614 pgs man i need new glasses hehehe

    • OMG Lori Born of Silence was so good. You’ll enjoy it. Darling broke my heart in this book. I don’t know what it is, but Kenyon has a knack for breaking my heart with nearly every single one of her books. Her characters are just so amazing.

      • Yes you are so Marcie right i have already cried a few times ,I don’t know why Kenyon or the other author get off on making us cry so much .Did they take these classes in school .Does it go with there writting classes

        • You may be onto something there Lori. I find myself shedding a few tears in many of the books i read. I just know that when I read a Kenyon book I always have a box of Kleenex on hand. I often find myself going from tears one minute to laughter the next with many of Kenyon’s books. Even though her books are pretty emotionally driven, she finds the perfect spot to throw in the humour to lighten the mood. I never tire of reading Kenyon’s stuff.

    • @Lori…no I do not feel like I am being picked on….for that…I had co-workers….hahahahahaaaaa 😉

      And both Kenyon and Ward make me cry with virtually every storyline…*sniff*

      • Oh you got that right , both of them make me cry ,now if i could only loose weight with all the crying i do man i would be buff . hehehehe
        I just Love reading it makes me so Happy…..;~)

  3. Another great review… still trying hard to resist, but I am not going to win… sigh. I know it. Anyway… Marcie, just finished SK’s total league series as well… SK kills me. Love it.

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