Widow’s Web (Elemental Assassin #7) by Jennifer Estep-a review

Widow’s Web (Elemental Assassin #7) by Jennifer Estep-a review

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WIDOW’S WEB is the 7th novel (August 21, 2012 release)  in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. Gin Blanco aka The Spider is an assassin with the elementals of stone and ice, but Gin may have met her match both magically and emotionally, when someone from her lover’s past returns seeking revenge for the death of her father and Gin is the only one standing in her way.

Gin was surprised when local casino owner Phillip Kincaid requested her catering service. As the owner of the Pork Pit, Gin’s reputation preceded her, but no more than her assassin services. But after a suspicious water elemental attack on the floating casino, Gin knows that her skills as The Spider were what Kincaid was hoping for.

Salina has returned to Ashland. But unbeknownst to Gin, Salina has a history with both Owen Grayson and Kincaid. With their colorful history, it is no secret that something happened between the trio of friends, and the animosity between Owen and Kincaid is deep and dark-very personal. Even Owen’s younger sister appears to be caught up in the dysfunctional family feud. But it is Owen’s behavior towards the return of Salina that has everyone on edge including an angry and disgruntled Eva. Betrayed by her brother’s obvious defense of Salina, Eva confesses to Gin the secret she has kept from her brother for over 15 years.

Owen and Gin’s relationship has had its’ ups and downs, but throughout the last couple of storylines, they have become closer professing their love for one another. But Salina is part of Owen’s past and apparently one that he has never relinquished hold. When Gin must choose between saving the people that she loves or stand by watching everyone die a horrible death, it will force Owen to make a decision that will break her heart and yours. Throughout the series, Owen has remained (for the most part) in the background, but Widow’s Web will reveal a different side of the man and one that I was saddened to read.  His love for Gin will be questioned especially when he is willing to risk everything and everyone for a woman that is truly evil and over the edge. And knowing that The Spider had no choice but to do what she had to do, made Owen’s reactions that much more difficult to accept.

As the assassin Spider, Gin is at the top of her game, but Salina’s powers will prove too much for Gin. Revenge for the murder of her father forces a mentally unstable Salina to seek retribution against everyone who stood by and watched him die and this time everyone Gin loves will be caught in the web including herself.

WIDOW’S WEB is another wonderful and exciting instalment in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Series. Jennifer focuses much of her energy in character and plotline development allowing the reader to be absorbed into the storyline right from the start. The usual cast of characters returns including Jo Jo, Finn and Bria, but my heart broke and the tears fell when Owen could not accept the truth about the past, even when the results could have been fatal for the woman that he loves. Owen’s denial of the past and his refusal to let go of the shattered memories and times long ago, sets up a scenario that I am not sure I will enjoy.You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. I am looking forward to DEADLY STING in 2013.


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Reviewed by Sandy


18 thoughts on “Widow’s Web (Elemental Assassin #7) by Jennifer Estep-a review

  1. Oh well, sounds like Owen can’t let go of the past and it may cause alot of unnecessary death. I’m sure the Spider will take out Owen and Salina when necessary.

  2. Sandy, I have been enjoying your reviews. I haven’t read any of this series, but it sounds good!! I have an adversion to spiders, I wish she had another nickname!! lol

    • This is an amazing series…and as for the ‘spider’ theme…no such thing…it is in reference to the symbol ‘burned’ into her palm by a fire elemental….a rune now. 😉

    • Hey Vickie…The Elemental Assassin series is URBAN FANTASY and there is rarely a HEA in UF. I must say that if Gin and Owen’s relationship blows up….as in forever….I will be saddened….

      This particular storyline was very hard. Their relationship was starting to look permanent….with Owen professing his love in the last storyline, but Widow’s Web….ripped out and stomped all over it…..*sniff*….a men who cannot get over his first love….even when it is proven she was abusive and vindictive. He witnessed some of the things she did to Gin and still refused to believe that she was capable of such evil. Even the abuse and torture his 4year old sister endured at the hands of his former lover, wasn’t enough to persuade him to let go of the past.

      When he finally realized what had happened, he was so shattered, that he couldn’t face Gin (the woman who loved him) and he couldn’t forgive her for what she had to do to save herself and 100s of other people. DENIAL…DENIAL..DENIAL…

  3. I beg to differ, Sandy. Many Urban Fantasy has HEA. Ilona Andrews The Edge series, continues, with two different major characters in each book. You might know them from previous books, but each book ends with that couple happy. The storyline does continue. At the moment I can’t think of other urban fantasy books, my mind is blank. Give me some time. 🙂

  4. Hey Sandy great review. I’m thinking I could really get into the series, but alas when, I haven’t the foggiest notion when I’d get around to reading. I’ve re-organized my tbr list so many times and it’s still impossible to get through.

  5. Jennifer is one of my favorite authors. Her Big Time books had me laughing, and Gin has me craving to read more. I can’t help but love her “brother” Finn. As materialistic as the man is, he has a huge heart. He just likes to keep it hidden. I really hope that Gin and Owen don’t fall apart. Donovan did enough of a break on Gins heart.

  6. I’m with Tina about Donovan and Owen. This review doesn’t bode well for thier relationship, although I have read elsewhere that this episode in Gin’s life is a cliff hanger and we won’t really find out til Deadly Sting. I just want to really get into Gin’s world now and find out Eva’s secret~ I love these books!

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