WINGING IT (YA) The Dragon Diaries #2 by Deborah Cooke-a review

WINGING IT by Deborah Cooke

WINGING IT by Deborah Cooke

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WINGING IT is the second instalment in Deborah Cooke’s YA series–The Dragon Diaries. This series is the Young Adult companion to her adult Dragonfire series. Winging It, like the first novel in the series, tells of the trials and tribulations of growing up Dragon in a world of humans and shapeshifters. This second storyline takes place 5 months after Flying Blind.

Zoe Sorensson, is the only female dragon and Wyvern, and is about to celebrate her 16th birthday, without her best friend Meagan. To make matters worse, she has been invited to a Halloween party, by one of the most popular boys in school-who just happens to be an apprentice Mage, and is gunning for the eradication of all dragons. But when Meagan is once again, attacked at school, by a group of ‘mean girls’, Zoe shifts forms to defend her friend against injury.

Zoe’s father, Eric, as leader of the Pyr, is not impressed, because now, his only child and daughter has broken the Dragon Covenant and revealed herself to the humans. To complicate matters, Zoe’s parents are splitting up, much to her surprise, and it seems, that she may be the catalyst in the demise of her parent’s marriage. Zoe’s mother, Eileen, cannot come to terms living with her family of dragons, knowing her daughter, is the target of a group of Mage, who will risk their own lives to destroy the Pyr. When Eileen heads to England, Eric makes the decision to ‘ground’ Zoe from all dragon activity, and sends her to her Meaghan’s, while he flies to Europe to convince his wife, that they should remain a family.

Meaghan is convinced that Zoe has been hiding important information, since her return from Dragon Boot Camp in April, and is slowly distancing herself from her best friend. And Zoe recognizes, that her once best-friend, has a powerful music presence, that can aid the Mage in their war against the shifters. But soon, Zoe realizes that Jessica, a new girl at school, is taking Meaghan under her wing, but with negative repercussions for Zoe–she senses that something isn’t right with Jessica. But all is not lost, when another new student—Derek—acknowledges Zoe’s trepidation regarding Jessica and her friendship with Meaghan. Derek is an anomaly to Zoe. His pale blue eyes, and his need to protect and guard Zoe, shift her senses into overdrive. Perhaps, he isn’t what he appears to be.

Meanwhile, Zoe’s crush and Mage Jared, is in town with his band, for a concert. Jared has sadly been quiet, and refuses to respond to Zoe’s messages, and she thinks that perhaps, her feelings are not reciprocated. When Zoe’s friend Isabelle invites Meaghan to Jared’s concert, Zoe hopes for a reunion with Jared, and perhaps an early birthday present. But Jared appears distant to Zoe, and she believes that he was only helping her at Boot Camp because he thought she was a child. But when Zoe leaves the concert, she becomes aware, that Jared’s music is inadvertently calling to the other Mages, and she must warn Jared. It is then, that Jared reveals that he has kept his distance, because of his relationship to both Zoe and the Mages, and does not want them to track her through himself.

The Halloween party becomes a nightmare. Jessica is now dating Trevor, the young apprentice Mage, and appears to be caught in a web of deceit. When the young Pyr, including Nick, Garrett and Liam attend the October celebration, with Zoe and Meaghan, they are enthralled into a world of music and chaos. Without knowing, Jessica is revealed as a jaguar shifter when the ‘songs’ of the Mage, pull forth her shifting powers, hoping to ‘devour’ the essence of the jaguar. The young Dragons shift forms to help in the rescue of the shifters, but not before, Meaghan is witness to many things, not meant for human eyes, including a large blue-eyed wolf—Derek.

The Pyr soon recognize that a powerful force calls to the Mage. When Zoe discovers that her Dragon friends are suddenly missing, she is forced to use her powers as the Wyvern, to search and locate her friends—who may be sacrificed by the Mage in a Halloween ritual. With the help of some unlikely ‘stone’ statues, Zoe must enter the cemetery where the Mage ritual will be performed. Rescuing, not only the Pyr, but a wolf, a jaguar and her best friend Meaghan, it is then that they realize, there are more than just a few shifters. The ceremony is witnessed by many beings including felines, lupin and an assortment of shifters, long thought destroyed by the Mage. They are present to aid in the rescue of their friends and family.

Winging It is an easy read, as was Flying Blind. The continuing story of Zoe and the young Pyr, has me wanting to go back to the Dragonfire series, if only because I miss the excitement of the Firestorms with the adult dragons. The Dragon Diaries is a good series, with plenty of excitement and a story that will continue for along time. Zoe has the frustrations of most 16 year old girls, but being a dragon complicates matters to another degree. Sometimes, I wonder, if all teens thought the way these young dragons think, our teens would not be in as much trouble as they are today. They are responsible for their own lives as well as others, and it is nice to see, someone taking responsibility for their own actions. I am looking forward to Blazing the Trail—to be released in June 2012


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Reviewed by Sandy


9 thoughts on “WINGING IT (YA) The Dragon Diaries #2 by Deborah Cooke-a review

  1. Great review Sandy : And bummer if Blazing the Trail is the final book i have greatly enjoyed all of Deborah Cooke’s books she has some nummylishes Dragons going on in those books . Fingers crossed for more Dragon’s in the near future .

  2. Thanks for the great review, Sandy.

    And just FYI, The Dragon Diaries is a finite trilogy which winds up with BLAZING THE TRAIL next month. The idea here was that Zoë would come into her Wyvern powers at puberty, and would have to master them PDQ. It had to be a paranormal YA series, because Zoë’s 16. I did miss the romantic elements of the Dragonfire series (although I love Jared) and I’m not done with the other Pyr boys – I just think that they’ll come into their own when they have their respective firestorms. Still working on that… meanwhile, Dragonfire continues in October with EMBER’S KISS!


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