Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth – a Review

Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth


Winter at Mustang Ridge
Mustang Ridge series – book #2
by Jesse Hayworth
Release Date: February 4, 2014

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Grateful to her twin for keeping Mustang Ridge in the family, Jenny Skye agrees to return home for a month so her sister can get away. It’s the middle of winter, and only a few year-round staffers, her family, and the animals will be there. But the globe-trotting videographer is soon in way over her head at the dude ranch dealing with reservations, her redecorating-obsessed mother, and the town’s hunky new veterinarian.

Despite his adventurous past, Nick Masterson is putting down roots in Mustang Ridge. When a stray dog, a missing family member and a snowstorm conspire to throw him and Jenny together, there’s no denying the blaze of attraction. But can a relationship that began in the heat of the moment turn into something more for a woman who’s always been eager to put her hometown behind her?  



Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth is the second book in her Mustang Ridge series, and there is also a novella.  Mustang Ridge is a great place to spend on vacation, and for us readers, it is a perfect place to spend your free time imagining yourself at the dude ranch.  I know I would personally love to go to Mustang Ridge, but maybe not in the harsh winter. 

Jenny Skye is our heroine in this book.  Jenny is a photographer, who works on various video and reality television projects.  Jenny loves what she does, but decides to come home to Mustang Ridge to allow her twin sister, Krista to take her version of a vacation, a 6 week training class to learn more about making Mustang Ridge a success. As soon as Krista has left, she calls Jenny to rescue a stray dog that they saw while driving away.  Jenny finds the dog, who gets hurt during the rescue attempt, and takes him to the vet.  There she meets the new vet, Nick Masterson, our hero.

There is an immediate attraction, between Nick and Jenny, and of course the dog, named Rex (nicknamed Sexy Rexy).  What follows is a cute slow build relationship that starts out as a friendship.  It was a lot of fun watching the two of them enjoy their no commitment relationship as friends, and eventually as lovers.  Jenny isn’t staying, as she loves her career; and Nick having had a relationship go south after he moved to a small town like Mustang Ridge to help his family, doesn’t want commitment either, since he knows where Jenny’s heart is.  For the majority of the story, we just get to enjoy the two of them, and their families, as we get to see more of our favorite characters, such as Gran, who is still cooking up great food; Foster, Shelby, Krista, and the rest of the group.  It was nice to see the ranch in the slower winter months, even with the harsh snowy weather.  I love Krista, though she wasn’t in this story a lot, but I am happy to see she will be having her own story in the next book.

We totally fall in love with Rex, as does everyone in the family. It was such a heartwarming story throughout the book, and then nearer to the end some sad moments that kind of bring tears.  No, nothing really bad.  One of the best things I love about Jesses Hayworth’s writing is how she can personalize things.  You hear Rex’s exuberant thoughts, or even between Jenny and Nick.  Hayworth has a knack for making you feel comfortable with those loud thoughts, and it flows so nicely and makes it feel more personal.  

Jesse Hayworth has created a wonderful, sweet, and fun series in Mustang Ridge, and Winter at Mustang Ridge was a delightful and fabulous relaxing romantic read.  Jenny and Nick were a great couple, who were a joy to read, as well as having great chemistry. If you love a simple and sweet contemporary romance; a great couple; a family atmosphere; a fun loving dog, a small town; and the setting in a dude ranch, you need to read this series.

Reviewed by Barb

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