Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver – a Review

Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver – a Review

winter storms

Two years ago Carly Roberts split from her lover, Daniel Edwards, after he caused a terrible sailing accident that cost her both the use of her right leg and her Olympic dreams. Unable to watch his climb to double Olympic success, she stayed in the Cornish village they grew up in, while he travelled the world.

Racked with guilt, knowing he destroyed her future, Daniel has finally returned home to make amends.  But he didn’t expect to fall in love with her again.

However Carly has her own life now and it doesn’t include him. She can’t forgive him for the catastrophic injuries that changed her life. While the storms of a Cornish winter lash their village home, can Daniel persuade her to give him a second chance?

Winter Storms is Lucy Oliver’s debut novel.  This was a nicely written romance about a young couple once in love, that was destroyed by a tragic accident.  The story takes place in a Cornish village by the docks, which is known for it’s terrible winter storms.

We meet our heroine, Carly Roberts at the beginning.  Carly is somewhat disabled, with a bad leg caused by an accident two years ago, and now she needs a cane to walk.  Carly owns and operates her own business;  a gift/trinket store.  It is close to Christmas, and on a nasty night, she closes the shop early. 

We then meet our hero, Daniel Edwards, who left town 2 years ago, after Carly’s accident.  They were lovers, until the tragic accident, which Carly blamed on Daniel.  Both were Olympic trainees for sailing, and now Daniel is a gold medal champion, and Carly resents him for what she no longer can have. 

After two years, Daniel cannot forget his love for Carly, and comes home, but Carly still wants nothing to do with him.  Carly has moved on with her life, and accepts her handicap. However, she finds she can’t forgive Daniel totally, and part of the reason is her own jealousy that he has succeeded as an Olympic champion, which she herself was also destined to do.  As much as she knows she still loves Daniel, she doesn’t feel she can get past her resentment of him.

This was a wonderful story of two people in love, even with the two year separation, trying to overcome the obstacles in front of them.  In the terrible winter storm, another tragedy occurs, bringing everyone in the town, and the two star-crossed lovers united in saving others.  I really did enjoy this story, and Lucy Oliver does a great job with her debut novel.  Her characters are wonderfully written, as you find yourself liking them.  She created a wonderful couple, with issues to overcome to find love again. Winter Storms was a great read, and one I recommend.

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