Witches With the Enemy by Barb Hendee – a Review

Witches With the Enemy by Barb Hendee – a Review


Witches with the Enemy
Mist Torn Witches series – book #3
by Barb Hendee
Release Date: May 5, 2015

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When seers Céline and Amelie Fawe fled Shetâna under threat of death, they vowed never to return. Yet, less than a year later, they are summoned back—to aid the man who once tried to kill them.…

The cruel prince Damek is on the verge of closing marriage negotiations with the powerful family of a young noblewoman when his intended’s sister is murdered. To keep the engagement from falling through, Damek must expose the killer quickly—and he needs the seers’ powers to do so. Though the Fawes’ patron, Prince Anton, fears that bringing Céline and Amelie to Shetâna places them in grave danger, he is honor-bound to help his brother Damek.

Only none of them is prepared for the peril that awaits them at Castle Kimovesk—for someone in the court is determined to prevent the marriage from happening, no matter how deadly the cost…




Witches with the Enemy by Barb Hendee is the 3rd book in her Mist-Torn Witches series.   I love this series, as it has two wonderful heroines, exciting storylines, and well written. Celine and Amelie are our heroines, and they are seers. Celine can see the future, and Amelie can see the past, just by touching the person. They both work for Prince Anton, who is the good prince in comparison to his evil brother, Prince Damek. After solving cases in the first two books, Celine and Amelie have been summoned to help Damek find the killer who is trying to sabotage his marriage plans. Prince Anton, goes with Celine and Amelie, to protect them, since he doesn’t trust his brother, as he knows both Celine and Amelie escaped with their lives when living in Damek’s territory.

I really do love Anton, as we can see he is falling hard for Celine, but knows as Prince, he cannot marry a commoner.   Celine too finds herself attracted to Anton, but does her best to be his seer, with no romantic entanglements.   This is a forbidden romance that is slowly building, though nothing as of yet. The same can be said of Amelie and Jaromir, which we can see their attraction, but both try to avoid those feelings.

Though the markings are there, this is not a romance but is a thrilling suspense mystery in a race to the finish, before more murders happen. There are so many twists and turns that you need to pay attention so that you do not miss anything.

This is a wonderful adventurous series, in an interesting world, with some great characters. In all three books, Celine and Amelie are the main characters and worthy heroines. It is fun to watch them use their seer ability to discover the truth, whether the past or the future. Anton and Jaromir are also great heroes. Hendee has created excellent villains, and nice secondary characters. I wholly recommend you to read this series, as it is a fun exciting read. I do suggest you start with the first book, as it lays the ground work for the world, and Celine and Amelie.

Reviewed by Barb

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