Wolf’s Castle by Madelyn Hill-a review

WOLF’S CASTLE by Madelyn Hill-a review

Wolf's CastleABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 11,2014

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Can he forget the past and embrace the future?

He’s the beast of Lomarcan Castle. Tortured, angry, and bound and determined not to allow Vivian Stuart to invade his lair. Lord Galen Maclean refuses to be endeared to the lovely woman who has landed on his island looking to study alchemy. The island possesses secrets, secrets too horrid to share with the gentle woman. However, her beguiling nature brings light to the darkness of the castle and the few quirky inhabitants and edges into his heart.

Can she tame the beast within him to gain his love?

She was stranded on a remote island, her father dead and dishonored by her betrothed. Still, the lovely Vivian Stuart wears her heart on her sleeve and strives to redeem Lord Maclean. She knows his heart is good and the castle can be filled with love. Through science she learns more about the troubled lord and slowly but surely, the torture lord’s icy heart begins to thaw as Vivian shares the magical healing power of love


REVIEW: WOLF’S CASTLE is an historical romance novel written by Madelyn Hill focusing on Lord Galen Maclean and Vivian Stuart. En route to the island where Wolf’s Castle stands, to exchange scientific research with the Laird, Vivian and her father will fall victim to one of Scotland’s many storms. Now that her father has died, Vivian and her servants have become unwelcome guests of Lord Maclean- the son of the late Scottish Laird. Lord Maclean has a few demons in his past and believes he is incapable of love.

The premise follows the developing relationship between Vivian and Galen built upon their mutual interest in alchemy-more specifically the process to turn chemicals into gold. But there are others hoping to steal Vivian’s father’s secrets and they will venture to Lord Maclean’s island to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.

The relationship between Vivian and Galen is slow to build as Galen fights his attraction to Vivian with each encounter. Vivian and Galen’s own histories are marred with betrayal, lies and secrets, and with it will come heartbreak and sorrow when the truth is finally revealed. The sex scenes are limited, mostly implied but the attraction between our couple is a definite plus.

The secondary characters fuel a good portion of the novel-from back histories, to memories and a much needed push in the right direction for our leading couple. The world building includes the history of Wolf Castle and its’ inhabitants; the sights and sounds of the Scottish coastline in winter; and a story of lost love and letting go. The historical language of the time and the Scottish dialect are mostly absent although there are some words and phrases interspersed throughout the novel.

WOLF’S CASTLE is a quick romantic read with a little bit of everything: betrayal, heartbreak, secrets, lies, romance and a little sex. If you are a fan of the historical Scottish romance where the leading man is reluctant to fall in love and struggles with his own demons, then Wolf’s Castle is an ideal read for a lazy afternoon.

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Madelyn HillI’m a mom, wife, and writer just living life to the fullest. A Michigan native, I’ve moved from one Rochester to another Rochester to marry the love of my life. Life is exciting, exhausting, chaotic and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love writing historical novels with a Celtic flair. Scotland and Ireland are my favorite locations to set my novels. Nothing is better than a hero in a kilt and a strong heroine to give him the run for his money!


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  1. Sounds like an interesting storyline. I also thought it looked like a shifter romance from the title. Thanks for the review. I love reading Historical romances.

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