Wrecked by Shiloh Walker-a review

WRECKED by Shiloh Walker-a review


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release April 2, 2013

In the nineties, Abigale Applegate and Zach Barnes were the most beloved sitcom child stars in the world. Then they grew up and left Hollywood behind…

Whatever happened to Abigale Applegate?

She’s been wondering the same thing.

With her Hollywood dreams long gone, Abigale now has a nice, neat, uncomplicated life—until the day her perfect fiancé needs to talk. Dumped, a little more than shattered, and totally confused, Abigale turns to Zach, her best friend since forever, to help her pick up the pieces. He does it with a gift—a copy of Wreck This Journal. She can vent her frustrations, and sketch out a new plan. Zach just hopes he’s part of it. Because he’s been in love with Abigale his entire life.

When the journal falls into Zach’s hands, he discovers Abigale wants a new man. And fast. Nothing more than a hot distraction. Zach has a strategy, too. He’s going to be that man. It’s his last chance. Abigale might be out to shake up her life, but Zach’s out to reinvent it. Now, all he has to do is convince Abigale that life can go as planned


REVIEW: Wrecked is a storyline about two friends-Abigale and Zach-who have known each other-forever. Brought together as child stars headlining the sitcom KATE and NATE Abigale and Zach each left the Hollywood lifestyle behind when the show was cancelled. Zach went on to do bit parts but finally went back to school and pursued a successful career as a tattoo artist. Abigale filed for emancipation from her overbearing, money-hungry mother at seventeen and fled.

Abigale is one of those people who made lists- a bucket list-of sorts where she would list what she wanted to accomplish before she reached the age of thirty-marriage, children, love: and Abby thought she found the perfect man until the day he revealed he wanted KATE-the star-and not Abby-the caterer.

Throughout the story, Shiloh reveals a lifelong friendship that developed between Zach and Abby-a friendship that was more for Zach. And like many storylines, Abby was oblivious to Zach’s feelings. Zach was always there for Abby and when her fiancé dropped the bomb, Zach was there to pick up the pieces. He offered Abby a personal journal to write about her feelings, her needs and, her wants-Wreck This Journal-and Zach soon discovered that Abby wanted a torrid affair. Zach was going to make sure-he-was part of that affair.

The storyline is about two people who love each other and the realization that there is more. Everyone knows that Zach has loved and has been in love with Abby since they were children but Abby has worn ‘virtual blinders’ to Zach’s affections and feelings. Not wanting to push Abby away Zach has waited on the sidelines –forever-hoping one day that Abby would open her eyes and see the man who will promise her the world.

The secondary characters are colorful and in many ways an integral part of the storyline. From Abby’a overbearing and controlling mother to Zach’s extended family of loving brothers and co-workers at ‘Steel Ink’. There are several potential future storylines, especially as it concerns Zach’s brother and I hope Shiloh has many ideas flowing through her pen.

WRECKED is a wonderful, sometimes heartbreaking, head-nodding look at two people who belong together and the eye opening realization that everything you have always wanted may be sitting next to you, watching the late night movie, sharing tears and buttered popcorn. Congratulations to Shiloh Walker and WRECKED.

Copy supplied by Berkley/NAL through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. What a super review, Sandy. I want to read this book, you have made it sound terrific. I have not read any of Shiloh’s books, and this will be my first. I am going to add this to my kindle tbr, not sure when I’Il read but I will

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