Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert-a review

WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY (Come Undone #1) by Katee Robert

Wrong Bed, Right Guy is the July 2012 release in Katee Robert’s erotic romance series Come Undone.

Working along side Nathan Schultz, Elle Walser spent most of her time fantasizing about seducing the man who occupied most of her dreams. When her brother Ian had suggested she apply for the position of coordinator at Nathan’s art gallery, she had no idea what to expect. But finding herself in Nathan’s bed with a tattooed and naked stranger, her dreams of seduction failed. Humiliated, it took everything she had to apologize and head for the hills.

Thinking he had almost had sex with his brother’s girlfriend, Gabe Schultz wanted an explanation. Returning from LA, Gabe knew something was eating his brother, but Elle Walser was on his mind. And checking on his nightclubs was as good an excuse as any to visit his younger brother. It had been 6 months since he was last in town and he needed to get back to work. But the loneliness that Gabe felt only increased when he realized that something or someone was missing from his life.

Elle’s humiliation increased when she realized that the man in Nathan’s bed was his brother Gabe. Angry at herself, Elle chose to blame Gabe for their misadventures the night before, but accepting an invitation to dinner brought everything into focus. She was angry, embarrassed and wanted Gabe. But her reaction to the man pushed at her good girl persona, and she continued to play the heartless bitch to Gabe’s sexy male. She acted like he was trash and she was too good for the likes of a tattooed man.

Elle was starting to realize the mistake she had made blaming Gabe for the things that went wrong. His kindness and quick actions showed he cared, and even at her worst, Gabe was willing to put up with her attitude. But finding herself in Gabe’s arms the next morning, Elle had an abrupt change of mind, and her feelings for Gabe were starting to show.

Things back in LA weren’t going well. Hiring a new manager when the old one was caught skimming off the top, Gabe was tired of dealing long distance with the threats that were thrown at his staff. And getting to know Elle was taking up his time, especially when she finally took an interest in his work. But when Elle finds Gabe in the arms of another woman, memories and flashbacks threaten to destroy her. Reliving the embarrassing way her ex treated her, pushed Elle over the edge and onto the street. But things are not always as they appear which made Elle stop and think about what she really wanted-and it was Gabe.

WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY is an erotic romance novel with a HEA. The story of two people looking for someone special in their lives, and finding love where neither expected. The relationship starts out at rock bottom and at times gets progressively worse. And the sexual energy between the couple is electric and at one point it is the only thing the two have in common. But like many relationships, the path is bumpy with ups and downs, and in the end, the reality of what they have together far outweighs what they have alone. There are  a couple of amusing moments especially when Gabe tries to appease Elle with a bouquet of flowers.  An interesting look at two people seemingly so mismatched that you wonder how they could ever stay together.

Copy supplied by the publisher.

Reviewed by Sandy


17 thoughts on “Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. Sounds like an interesting romance concept, but normal in that the girl or guy always finds the love of their life on another person’s arms. lol

    Katee Robert has made NY Times Bestseller list with this book. We will hear more about Ms. Robert in the future.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why there characters are all in your face when it is their own fault..lol

    Great review. Another departure from the paranormal.

    • Thanks Alicia and I know what you mean, especially with the YA storylines. The heroine is always up in the hero’s face (as you say) when she in fact, caused the problem.

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