Yesterday’s Kiss by Carly Fall-a review

Yesterday’s Kiss by Carly Fall-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 13, 2013

Is she really encountering her one true love from the past?

When Maggie Ramos signs her divorce papers, she’s determined to start a new life free from her ex-husband’s verbal abuse and unfaithful behavior.

As a new start and celebration, Maggie decides to take a trip to Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona. Because of her fascination with history, the two places have always captivated her with their rich pasts.

During a tour of the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee, Maggie’s encounter with a miner named Joseph leaves her questioning her sanity. Claiming that he is her dead husband from the past, he is determined to prove to her that their love was real. He takes her on a journey vacillating between the present and the early 1900s, leaving Maggie to wonder if her psyche is shattering, or if she is really encountering her one true love from the past.

Does true love transcend death?


REVIEW: YESTERDAY’S KISS is a stand alone novella, contemporary, romantic ghost story that has elements of time travel and the paranormal.

The premise focuses on Maggie Ramos-recently divorced and on her way for a weekend getaway to Tombstone Arizona and the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee where she will meet a man claiming to be her husband from one hundred years earlier. What ensues is Maggie’s attempt to keep her sanity while communicating with a man who is more ghostlike than real.

Carly Fall pulls the reader into a storyline of one man who has been unable to move on following the death of his beloved and his own accidental death five years later. Joseph has held fast to the belief that his wife would one day return and he has found her in the guise of Maggie Ramos and it is Maggie who begins to remember moments from the past that will eventually affect her present and her life.

YESTERDAY’S KISS is ultimately a story of romance-a story where a ghost has pined for his lost love; never able to move forward; and when he eventually is reunited the fates will bring them together in more ways than one.

Carly Fall has written a sweet, romantic storyline about past lives, lost love and never letting go. And because the end goal of all romance novels is the happily ever after, we get that as well. Some may not agree, but on the grand scheme of love ever lasting, our couple will be reunited-til death do they part.

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