You’ll Think Of Me by Lucia Franco-a review

YOU’LL THINK OF ME by Lucia Franco-a review

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About the book: Release Date August 26, 2104

Luke Jackson.

With his thick southern drawl and seductive charm, Luke is the country boy everyone adores. He has his future mapped out, but his plans with Olivia are suddenly derailed when she makes a decision that blindsides him, changing the path they both envisioned.

As Luke struggles to keep everything in check during a difficult time in his life, he must put his trust in the one person who broke it to begin with. The last time they saw each other, Olivia busted his heart wide open, turning him into the man he is today.

When Olivia returns to her roots, just like Luke said she would, he is shocked for more reasons than one. Nine years have passed since they’ve seen each other, and when their roads collide unexpectedly, Luke can only push his worry and misgivings away for so long.

Things are different now—they are strangers—and the rope that once bound Olivia’s heart to South Fork, Georgia is pulling her back in, forcing her to remember how it used to be all those years ago.


REVIEW: YOU’LL THINK OF ME is a second chance, new adult/adult contemporary romance storyline from Lucia Franco. The focus of the storyline is high school and college sweethearts Luke Jackson and Olivia King and the break up that will see nine years pass before they see one another again.

The premise follows Luke and Olivia’s once perfect relationship that fell apart when Olivia’s future pulled her from South Forks, Georgia to one of New York’s most prestigious medical schools. Fast forward nine years-Olivia and Luke haven’t so much as set eyes or heard from one another-when Olivia returns to the area to set up her practice in medicine. When their paths cross once again, heartbreaking memories and a never forgotten love are met with hostility, anger and ice cold walls.

Olivia and Luke’s prior relationship was a storybook romances where Luke was Olivia’s savior and go to person when things at home became too much. Luke wanted to be a country musician hoping Olivia would settle for life in South Forks. But Olivia had plans of her own-she wanted to escape the small town living and needed a break from the family whose own lives were beginning to fall apart. The problem-Luke had been in denial about Olivia’s dreams –and his spiral into the dark left Olivia without her best friend, her lover and the support of the only man she would ever love.

YOU’LL THINK OF ME is a storyline that is told through back flashes, memories and present day. There is a bit of a love triangle formulating when Olivia meets Nate-a man, who too, will fall in love with Olivia King-but a man who suspects Olivia’s heart still belongs to someone else.

The secondary characters are colorful including Luke’s parents, his friends and his brother John. Nate is a man who deserves a happily ever after because having your heart ripped through your chest is not something anyone should have to experience. There are many more stories to tell and hopefully this is only the beginning of a series set in South Fork, Georgia.

Lucia Franco first foray into the world of contemporary romance is a winner. YOU’LL THINK OF ME is a storyline that was slow to build because of the flashbacks and memories, and history between two people that had to be told. It is a story of love and heartbreak; emotional pain and passionate goodbyes; second chances and starting over but in the end the heart knows what the heart wants, and Olivia and Luke want a second chance at love and life.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Sandy! What a great review you wrote! Thank you! I am so happy you liked the book! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to read and review YToM. I appreciate it so much. <3 I think I may quote you on Amazon, if that's okay. 🙂

    South Fork has many more stories to tell–YAY! Nate does need a book, but he also needs time to heal so it won't be next. I love that you liked the secondary characters as much as I liked writing them! John is up next!

    Thank you so much!!!!

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