Your Magic Touch (The Children of Merlin 2.5) by Susan Squires-a review

YOUR MAGIC TOUCH (The Children of Merlin 2.5) by Susan Squires-a review

Your Magic Touch

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YOUR MAGIC TOUCH (Release Date March 21, 2013)

About the Book: It’s a tale of “How I Met Your Mother,” Tremaine-style. The younger Tremaines are growing up and they want details about how their parents met and found their magic, details Brina and Brian Tremaine are reluctant to share. How much can they reveal to their children about the instant and potent sexual attraction of the magic in their genes, the powerful emotions of finding powers they don’t understand? And neither wants to admit what Brian did for a living before he found his destined mate, or exactly who introduced them. This novella shares both Brina’s version and Brian’s version of events, but even as each parent tries to conceal pertinent details from their children, the reader will know all.


REVIEW:   YOUR MAGIC TOUCH is a prequel novella in Susan Squires The Children of Merlin series focusing on the Tremaine family. The Tremaine’s are a magically gifted family (descended from Merlin) whose members come into their powers when they meet their ‘other half and soul mate.’ Your Magic Touch is Brina and Brian’s (the parents) back story told in flashbacks, present day and memories. The storyline also advances the series several months if not a year.

Susan takes the reader on a journey of memories and love, fear and passion. We watch as Brian and Brina struggle to reveal the exact nature (to their children) under which they were first introduced while avoiding the intimate details about when and how they came fully into their powers-Brina as a healer/Brian as an adapter. There are some lines parents should never cross 😉

The amazing thing about this particular storyline is the ‘Brina and Brian’ we never knew. We caught a glimpse of Brian’s personality in He’s A Magic Man-a take no prisoners attitude-one that would die to protect his children, but it is his past that was a bit of a surprise-Brian was a wee bit of a ‘bad boy’ 😉

YOUR MAGIC TOUCH also explains a little of the history of their magical ancestry as well as we encounter a current nemesis in all of her glory when she hopes to pull the young couple into her plans. But if it wasn’t for this woman, Brina and Brian may have never met.

Your Magic Touch is a wonderful storyline, rich in backstory history that is a welcome addition to the Children of Merlin series. I am a fan of prequel novellas especially when the hero and heroine are already an established couple. It is great to learn about their past life and history. Susan writes an amazing new series with The Children of Merlin and the Tremaine family.

1……Do You Believe in Magic
2….. He’s A Magic Man
2.5.. Your Magic Touch

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  2. Great review Sandy… and I know I have this series in my tbr plie… one of them… somewhere… why is my ipad suddenly causing problems? I know, I have 3 separate tbr piles in there, maybe that is why. Working on it. But I know this series is somewhere in the mix. Merlin and Susan Squires… that is a mean combination I wouldn’t want to miss.

  3. Nicely done Sandy. I have this one down on my tbr list. I really enjoy anything with magic so I know it’s something I’ll like. Now just to find the time, whaaaaa!!

  4. What an interesting series … great review Sandy! You make me want to jump right in! 🙂 I also love when an author throws in a novella in a series! you get all the little tidbits and answers to questions you may have! 🙂

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