CHAOTIC (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

CHAOTIC (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong- a review

At Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf this is the 8th month in her Women of the Otherworld challenge. The featured book this month is PERSONAL DEMON focusing on Hope Adams and her struggles as a 1/2 demon who feeds off of chaos.  But I have chosen a different path this month and I will review CHAOTIC.

CHAOTIC is a novella in the Women of the Otherworld series that witnesses Hope as she meets Karl Marsden for the first time-basically a prequel to their relationship.  I hope you enjoy this series as much as we do.

CHAOTIC by Kelley Armstrong

CHAOTIC is a novella in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. The short story was first published in the anthology Dates From Hell, but was released in ebook format January 2012. Chaotic features half-demon Hope Adams and werewolf Karl Marsden. The readers were first introduced to Karl in Kelley’s first novel of the Otherworld series-Bitten.

Hope Adams is a half-demon, who thrives on chaos. As a journalist working for a tabloid newspaper, chaos is the perfect set-up for her powers- finding and reporting news from the world of the paranormal. But, a tabloid journalist is the perfect cover for investigating the evil side of the paranormal world. Thinking she has been sent on assignment for the Council of Interracial Beings, Hope is sent to a charity function at a local museum, waiting for a story to break.

Karl Marsden is a werewolf, whose current occupation-that of a thief-has led him to the museum function, hoping to steal a rare collection of diamonds and jewels. Karl is the epitome of the handsome rogue-well dressed, debonair and extraordinarily handsome. But an accidental encounter with a beautiful woman has left him shaken. And now, this same woman is shadowing his every move throughout the museum.

When Hope witnesses Karl’s theft of the jewels, she believes it is her duty to make an arrest on behalf of the Council, but when she calls to report the theft to her ‘superior’ at True News-Tristan Robard-she is surprised when Karl points out that the Council does not have ‘agents’ in the field. Disgruntled and confused, Hope questions Tristan about her latest assignment, only to find out that she is holding a werewolf hostage, in a janitorial closet, waiting for the Council to apprehend the thief.

As a chaos demon, Hope thrives on other people’s anxiety and fears. Embarrassed by the inherited traits, Hope sets out in search of some chaotic activity and chances upon death and fear, a feeling that someone has been murdered. When she stumbles upon a dead security guard, Karl is close behind, scenting the blood. Thinking she can escape the werewolf, Hope hides in the ventilation system, only to find that Tristan Robard is one of the men, searching the museum for victims.

When Karl confronts Tristan regarding his business with the Interracial Council, Tristan reveals, that it is not Council business that brings him to the museum, by a vendetta against Karl-for past transgressions, and Hope, was his means to an end. Tristan is a sorcerer, who was aware of Hope’s chaos-demon side, and ‘hired’ Hope with the intention of using her need for chaos, to lead him to Karl. Karl soon recognizes that Tristan has no intention to letting them leave the building alive.

Forcing an escape, Hope and Karl, once again find themselves trapped inside the ventilation system, trying to out maneuver the sorcerer and his demon guards. When they finally reach a safe area, a sudden feeling of chaos overwhelms Hope and the appearance of more demons, threatens their safety. But battling the guards is easier, when your partner is a werewolf with supernatural strength. When Hope and Karl find themselves outside, they head for her house, hoping to lure Tristan into a trap. But a fatal error in judgment results in one death, several injuries and a possible future for Hope and her werewolf.

CHAOTIC is a quick read. First appearing in the anthology Dates From Hell, Chaotic introduces a new demon into the Council of Interracial Beings. By way of pairing Hope with Karl Marsden, the werewolves and the sorcerer Cabals will overlap in many future storylines. Karl’s first appearance in Bitten is a far cry from his character in Chaotic. As a member of Jeremy Danver’s pack, Karl must now abide by the laws of the pack or face expulsion or death. With Hope, there is a renewed interest in what happens to Karl, as well as what the future holds for this couple. I am a fan of Kelley Armstrong, and it saddens me that Kelley is ending her Otherworld series with her final novel Thirteen. But Kelley has promised a line of short stories, novellas and updates, so that the fans will still get a taste of the werewolves we know and love. And Hope’s family will play a major role in THIRTEEN.

Reviewed by Sandy

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    • As you know…I am a major fan of this series. I preferred this novella to Personal Demon…Personal Demon was very detailed with the ‘chameleon’s etc…and the angst of a love triangle….that you know someone would get hurt.

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