Hunter’s Challenge by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Hunter’s Challenge by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway


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The Sociopath, who has been wrongly labeled ‘the witch hunter’, is focusing on those who have psychic powers. He has challenged the wrong people, though he doesn’t seem to realize it. He has issued an edict to the Tantalarians, demanding that they bow to his will. That will never happen.

One Tantalarian, in particular, feels he has an axe to grind with this ‘witch hunter’. The man has mentally attacked him, singled out the woman he has chosen for his future mate for extermination or worse. He will not rest until his foe is dead, the game lines have been drawn, the war is on. He might be new to this form of fighting, for he is young, but he knows how to protect his own. He has nothing to lose but his life, for until the one he loves is safe from the madman, he will cling to nothing.

Adele, a young Earthling, has connected with one of the Phoenixes and bears it’s protection. The bonding between them is bringing changes, both mentally and physically that no one expected. She has also fallen in love with the young Tantalarian Hunter, Terec.

Adele, agrees with Terec’s decision to go after the ‘witch hunter’, but has other ideas when it comes to his other plans. She knows how dangerous his plans are, but not his real reasons. As she prepares to fight at the side of the man she loves, she can only wonder, who will win, and who will lose?




Hunter’s Challenge by M.A. Abraham is the 3rd book in her Tantalus series.  A brief refresher of the premise of Tantalus: This is a Sci-Fi story about two species (Humans & Tantalarians) that are forced to work together on the planet Tantalus. In the first book, Noah’s Arc brought thousands of humans to land safely on Tantalus, as they learned all about their new planet & their hosts, who look human, but they do have wings. In the second book, the villain (witch hunter) was introduced and in Hunter’s Challenge, he is the focus of this story. 

We get to meet all the characters we have met before, but Terec is our hero.  The rulers of Tantalus recognize that Terec is not only a good hunter, but very smart and savvy.  When the Witch Hunter has his eye on Adele, our heroine, and the human girl that Terec is falling for, he will do everything in his power to find a way to destroy this evil and powerful madman.  The Witch Hunter wants to absorb the powers of those with psychic powers, as well as take over the body of the young hunter.  Will Terec be able to stop the Witch Hunter?  Can he survive?

Adele was a very good heroine, especially in the face of her body changing into a strong woman similar to the Tantalus females who have been chosen Tantalus by the Phoenixes, who protect them and Tantalus. Adele must deal with her changes, as she is now growing wings, and deal with her burning lust for Terec  (Phoenixes push those boundaries into their chosen female).

It will be Terec who will convince Michel and the tribunes to work with his idea to catch the Witch Hunter.  I do not want to give spoilers.  The final half of the book was very exciting, with lots of action and suspense. The romance between Terec and Adele was very well done.

M.A. Abraham has once again given us an exciting and tense story of the two species working together, to fight the evil villain and free those from the last ship from the villains mind control.  I really enjoyed this story, and though the first two books were good; Hunter’s Challenge is the best one yet. Again, if you read this series, I do suggest you start with the first book to be able to understand this world.  The end of the story, leaves a surprise twist that will have us waiting impatiently for the next book.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author


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