Long Way Home (Hanover Brothers #3) by HelenKay Dimon-a review

LONG WAY HOME (Hanover Brothers #3) by HelenKay Dimon-a review

Long Way Home

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 19, 2014

The Hanover brothers are trying to live down the con-man reputation of their late father. But they can’t blame their father for all their problems in life—or in love…

Callen Hanover has led a tough life. But after years of roaming, he’s finally settled back home in Sweetwater to reunite with his brothers, and rebuild Shadow Hill, his grandmother’s crumbling home. The last person he expected to see at his door was Grace Pruitt—ex-girlfriend and partner to the FBI agent who’s determined to put Callen away.

Grace Pruitt is in town to save the two men she cares about the most—her former partner who seems to be on a downward spiral, and Callen, the man who ran before she could explain who she really was…or tell him some shocking news. Can the secrets of the Hanover family’s past be just the thing to save them all? Or is it already too late?


REVIEW: LONG WAY HOME is the third instalment in HelenKay Dimon’s adult, contemporary Hanover Brothers romance series focusing on the Hanover family and the fall out from their father’s years of scamming an entire town out of their life savings and personal belongings. This is Callen Hanover and Grace Pruitt’s storyline. LONG WAY HOME can be read as a stand alone but for cohesion and the entire history, it is best to read the series in order.

The focus of the storyline is twofold: As the Hanover family continues to be ostracized and shut out for the sins of their father, the family (including brothers Declan, Beck and Callen) have had to deal with finger pointing, gossip, accusations and hostility from the town in which they now live. As information begins to fall into place, the family is thrown for another loop when the truth about Charlie Hanover’s past continues to slice away at their already fragile existence. Meanwhile, Grace Pruitt, Callen’s ex girlfriend has come to town to get Callen back. But Callen isn’t willing to forgive Grace for the lies and betrayal he faced following their four month relationship that ended with Callen walking out. Now Grace is back and she has more information that will throw Callen and the Hanover family into further turmoil.

The relationship between Callen and Grace is acrimonious and hot. Callen is in a world of hurt-not only because of the perceived betrayal by the woman with whom he had fallen in love-but by the truth about his connection to his father and the Hanover family. Callen’s need for Grace is stronger than his hatred for the information she held back, but trust must be earned and it is one thing that Callen does not give easily.

LONG WAY HOME and the Hanover Brothers is a romantic and emotional series filled with family, love, betrayal, history, anger, hate and love. This is a family who has been destroyed by the man they all considered father and husband-his legacy has turned an entire town against them and in doing so has set up his family to take the fall for everything that he had done in the past.

HelenKay Dimon pulls the reader into a dramatic and addicting series in which each successive storyline digs deeper into the life and legacy of Charlie Hanover-a man with many secrets, many sins and too many cons to count. The Hanover Brothers must shoulder the responsibility of their father’s past but it is a past that runs deeper and farther than anyone could have imagined. There are moments of humor, love, anxiety and doubt but in the end, each brother will discover a little more about themselves and about the woman with whom he has fallen in love.

Reading Order
No Turning Back
A Simple Twist of Fate
Long Way Home

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