Ravyn’s Fall (Heaven and Hell #1) by Julie Blackstone-a review

Ravyn’s Fall (Heaven and Hell #1) by Julie Blackstone

RAVYN’S FALL (Heaven and Hell #1) by Julie Blackstone

RAVYN’S FALL is the first novel in Julie Blackstone’s new Young Adult series Heaven and Hell. Focusing on the battle between Angel and Demons: Nephilim, Cherubim and Seraphim- Ravyn’s Fall follows Ravyn Creed as she tries to navigate between good and evil, knowing that both want to end her life. And to complicate matters she is falling in love with the demon that made a deal with the devil. Ravyn lived for 16 years with her guardian Hank. But on this night, she would learn what it meant to truly be alone.

Ravyn is a 16 year old girl with a gift and this gift has made her a target in the world of the supernatural. The demons from hell want to protect Ravyn; the Cherubim want her destroyed; and the Nephilum want her blood. Could anything else possibly go wrong? At this point everyone will need a spreadsheet to keep track of the various types of angels and demons, on the hunt for a crossbreed child.

Enter Ezekiel (Zeke) Lancaster. Zeke is unlike anyone that Ravyn has met. And when Zeke reveals a little of the history behind the recent attacks, Ravyn is sure that she quite possibly has gone insane. As Ravyn approaches her 17th birthday a series of attacks will force Ravyn to search alone for answers, but she will unwittingly expose those closest to her to danger.

Ravyn and Zeke’s relationship is intense from the start. But unbeknownst to Ravyn, Zeke’s intentions have not always been admirable or pure. Zeke has made a deal and Ravyn is the price. But the ultimate betrayal will come from the family she never knew existed and their connection to the young man with whom she is falling in love.

We meet several of Zeke’s extended family and friends and, each will play a significant role in Ravyn’s new life. Ravyn’s guardian must answer to a few questions and Kimmy-Ravyn’s BFF is the only human who is completely aware of the angel and demons existence.

RAVYN’S FALL is a well-written, fast paced Young Adult storyline without the usual teen angst and whoa-be-gone self-pity that many young heroines endure. Julie Blackstone weaves a tale of warrior angels, loving demons and a vampire existence connected to both Heaven and Hell. The heroine is thrown head first into a world that wants her dead, and she comes out fighting for her life with her heart and soul. Ravyn’s Fall is a fascinating look at Heaven and Hell. I am looking forward to RAVYN’S GRACE later in 2012.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Does Ravyn find out about Zeke’s dishonest intentions??? Of course you won’t tell me, but that’s a good thing — I’ll have to read the book for myself! 😉

    Great review. Teen angst…it’s fun to READ it…and leave it behind. 😀

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