Because We Belong (Because You Are Mine #3) by Beth Kery-a review

BECAUSE WE BELONG (Because Your Are Mine #3) by Beth Kery-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 5, 2013

In Because We Belong Ian and Francesca return to reignite the exquisite passions that drew them together, and to finally face the intimate secrets that threatened to separate them forever. The secrets of an inescapable past that was one man’s darkest mystery—a darkness that seduced one woman and forever held her spellbound with forbidden desire. For both of them, the next step is total abandon.


REVIEW: BECAUSE WE BELONG is the third full length instalment in Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine contemporary, erotic adult series. Kery is known for her ‘serial’ style of writing including the first set in the series ‘Because You Are Mine’. I am not a fan of the serial style novel therefore I was more than pleased that Because We Belong was released as a full-length novel from the outset.

The premise of Because We Belong continues the story of Ian and Francesca who were the focus of the first series Because You Are Mine. Francesca is the young artist hired to paint a scene for billionaire Ian Noble’s lobby and in the ensuing weeks to months, the couple will fall in love but not before the reality of Ian’s lifestyle demands have Francesca reconsidering what her heart really wants. Ian has a dark and kinky side-likes to experiment in the BDSM lifestyle-and hopes to draw Francesca into his life. But Ian also has a secret-one that involves his ailing and mentally ill mother –and the truth of the situation continues in Because We Belong.

There is also a second serial novel When I’m With You’ focusing on Ian’s best friend Lucien and herein lies a bit of a conundrum for me. I did not read this particular instalment and therefore I am not sure how much information was revealed about the relationship between Lucien and Ian that is addressed and continues in Because We Belong. Are you confused? Well, so am I. On to the review.

Ian Noble is missing. Not that he is lost or abducted but no one has heard from Ian (including his now fiancé Francesca) in over six months. The prologue of the story finds Ian hinting at life without Francesca and within a few pages and a fast forward of six months we learn that Ian has packed up and left control of his billion dollar enterprise to Francesca. With a new deal on the horizon, Francesca is pulled into the Noble family dysfunctional dynamics and eventually finds herself the target of a mad man for reasons not yet known. With an invitation to celebrate the upcoming holiday anniversary of Ian’s grandparents (in England), Francesca and the family will finally come face to face with Ian where Francesca is once again targeted-but the who and the why will soon become suspect.

Ian and Francesca’s sexual relationship picks up immediately even though Ian has been missing without any explanation for six months. Their attraction to one another is visceral, almost palpable and yet, Francesca had been destroyed by Ian’s disappearance and subsequent silence. The sex scenes are sensual, hot, disturbing and aggressive. Ian needs Francesca at the basest level to survive, yet his actions of the previous six months leaves Francesca reeling when Ian refuses to tell her why. And to complicate matters, Ian is expected to disappear once again.

As the storyline progresses, more about the family history and Ian’s mother’s illness are revealed. And so much more about Ian’s birth father and family will play a pivotal role in Ian’s disappearance.

Because We Belong is an erotic storyline about a second chance at love; at family; and the realization that not everything and everyone is what or who they claim to be. The family tree reaches beyond what anyone could have imagined and those caught up in the branches are innocent of the father’s sins just as those that are guilty of the family lies. This is a story of jealousy and betrayal; love and hate; heartbreak and sorrow; love and understanding. And about one woman who has stood by her man through everything-good and bad.

Beth Kery pulls the reader into a richly detailed story of one man’s descent into the unknown at the hands of a man he never knew. Kery reveals plenty of background information about the recent history of one family and their fight to save one of their own. And in the end, Francesca’s love for Ian will be the catalyst that allows Ian to begin the long journey to recovery.

Reading Order
1. Because You Are Mine (March 2013)
2. When I’m With You (September 2013)
3. Because We Belong (November 2013)

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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