Complete Me (Stark Trilogy #3) by J. Kenner-a review

COMPLETE ME (Stark Trilogy #3) by J. Kenner-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 30, 2013

This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and Nikki Fairchild, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms.

Our desire runs deep. But our secrets cut close. Beautiful, strong, and commanding, Damien Stark fills a void in me that no other man can touch. His fierce cravings push me beyond the brink of bliss—and unleash a wild passion that utterly consumes us both.

Yet beneath his need for dominance, he carries the wounds of a painful past. Haunted by a legacy of dark secrets and broken trust, he seeks release in our shared ecstasy, the heat between us burning stronger each day.

Our attraction is undeniable, our obsession inevitable. Yet not even Damien can run from his ghosts, or shield us from the dangers yet to come.

Complete Me is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences

Stark Trilogy


REVIEW: COMPLETE ME is the third storyline and final installment in J. Kenner’s erotic contemporary Stark Trilogy. There is no time lag between Claim Me (book 2) and this story, and therefore the stress and anxiety of Damien’s upcoming trial is still at the forefront of the reader’s mind.

Complete Me focuses on Damien’s trial and the people trying to bring down the billionaire. The reader experiences the heartbreaking revelations and painful past of a young boy who is forced into some unspeakable acts only to have to relive it over and over through memories, nightmares and the reality of courtroom drama and the press.

Nikki is the strong, independent woman who continues to stand by his side, knowing that man that she loves is bordering the edge of control on an emotional void. She is there to pull him back and help him deal with the demons that threaten to suck him in and take him down. Without Nikki, Damien is only a shell; he is a man without purpose and a heart without soul. But Damien’s need to defend and protect Nikki will force an unpleasant impasse when he refuses to open up and talk about the past.

The storyline is rife with physical intimacy, sexual heat and sensual talk. The sex is abundant and often, explicit and hot, and at times overwhelming to the story and plot. There was so much sex that I started to skip-read through these passages. Although this is written in the erotic/romance genre, after awhile the sex felt like ‘filler’-no pun intended.

There are moments of fear and concern, heartbreaking sorrow and loss. And there is the mistaken belief that to walk away, is the only solution when the world threatens to destroy the person that you love. The couple continues to struggle with their individual personality quirks and needs; Nikki’s need to be independent and Damien’s need to protect will forever be on the peripheral boundary of their love.

“I want to hold you close. To cherish and protect you. To draw you in until we are so close that I am lost without you. I want to take you to bed, to watch the way your skin tightens beneath my fingers, the way you body awakens under my touch….Everything I’ve built? All my companies? All my billions? They have no value compared to you.”

COMPLETE ME is a detailed and wonderful final chapter in the Stark Trilogy but there is still some room for short stories and novellas. The series ends with a HEA, but in my opinion it is another beginning for Nikki and Damien. J. Kenner has written a series that will make you smile and cry; you will feel the anxiety, the pain and the love; you will experience the fear of loss, the anguish of betrayal and the satisfaction of one man finding his heart and his soul in the woman who is willing to endure the suffering alongside the man that she loves.

Reading Order
1. Release Me
2. Claim Me
3. Complete Me

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Oooh, love Julie’s books including her series written by J.K.Beck. I can’t wait for this release of Complete Me. More novellas? Intriguing!

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